30 November 2016

A-CUBE: A-ICE Multi CUTE Client – Infrastructure Connected

A-CUBE is a middleware for transparent transportation of web applications on any remote network with centralized and comprehensive remote workstation monitoring, control and interaction.

A-ICE Multi CUTE Client A-CUBE airport operations

A-ICE CUBE is a unique aviation solution, which transparently transports web applications from/to any customer infrastructure, monitors remote workstation environment, controls remote workstation devices, reads and writes from/to remote devices. A-CUBE is totally transparent to the remote network configuration and it’s fully controllable from centralized datacentre. With A-CUBE solution, our clients not only can safely distribute any web applications on any private and public network, but also interact with the remote workstation environment such as desktop, printers and readers.


A-CUBE has the capability to distribute our client’s WEB applications over any kind of network and infrastructure guaranteeing security and control of the connected devices.

Computer access control

Thanks to the centralized hierarchical profiling, A-CUBE applies the configured environment to the right remote workstations and knows which applications can run on them. Access control prevents any undesired connection to the A-CUBE infrastructure and consequently, to the WEB applications. The setup template allows fast and accurate configuration of multiple workstations having the same “scope”.

Monitor and logs

A-CUBE remote application continuously tracks, collects and sends to the server infrastructure the desired information such as: workstation environment, A-CUBE initialization parameters, start-up logs, devices status, initialization report and device status change. A-CUBE central monitor application visually shows the real-time status of any logged workstation.

Remote control

A-CUBE does not allow unwanted application to run, and in the meantime its watchdog functionality manages automatic, and on demand, soft reset. A-CUBE infrastructure allows end users to ask for remote assistance sending messages and screenshots to the help desk support.

Single sign on and user profiles

Optionally A-CUBE end-user single sign-on defines the operators authorised to access the WEB application. A-CUBE single sign-on and users profiling can be integrated with the customer’s database.

One A-CUBE for all the needs

A-CUBE is a general-purpose environment; nevertheless, it can be declined to be used on CUTE environments. A-CUBE remote application is certified to be used on Sita CUTE™, Rockwell Collins Arinc vMUSE™ and Resa CREWS™ platforms and offers extremely flexible implementation solution.

A-CUBE experiences

Alitalia Host front end and peripheral infrastructure

Alitalia Airlines adopted A-CUBE infrastructure since 2008 and distributed their applications on every airport and office where their Host is present. Today A-CUBE infrastructure in Alitalia counts more than 19.000 workstations.

Together with A-CUBE Infrastructure, A-ICE also developed the IBM TPF Web2Host for:

  • Vouchers emission from airport desks (Cute and Cuteless)
  • Vip Lounge Web2Host application (Cute and Cuteless)
  • Check-in/Boarding Web2Host application (Cute and Cuteless)
  • Reservation Web2Host application integrated with CRM
  • IBM TPF Terminal Emulator (Cute and Cuteless)
  • Back-Office Web2Host application (Cute and Cuteless)
A-DCS – Departure control system

Above 1000 A-ICE DCS workstations uses A-CUBE infrastructure for:

  • Check-in
  • Boarding
  • W&B
  • Flight Control
Rockwell Collins Arinc eHUB

A-ICE developed the new Rockwell Collins Arinc AviNet Mail Enterprise Hub (eHUB) solution that uses A-CUBE middleware wherever it is necessary to access eHUB from airport Common Use infrastructures.

A-MDS Message distribution system

Wherever A-ICE typeB solution is deployed, the data transport and security is demanded to A-CUBE independently from the presence of a Common Use environment.

A-MIS – Multimedia information system

A-MIS and A-FIDS applications and workstations are managed through A-CUBE infrastructure for a fully controlled application distribution. Public advertise, FIDS and information Kiosks can be easily controlled.

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