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A-BRS: A-ICE Baggage Reconciliation System

With the A-BRS baggage reconciliation system your luggage is safely tracked anywhere at any time. Smart solution for reconciling, tracking and security. Bag inventory included.

A-ICE Baggage Reconciliation System A-BRS airport operations

A-BRS will keep track of every movement of every bag and container in the system.

Our baggage reconciliation system is highly efficient because it takes full advantage of host lines already in place for passenger departure control and uses BagLink and BagMessage gateways to send and receive baggage messages in standard IATA formats.


  • Matches all bags with boarded passengers
  • Minimizes misdirected baggage and associated rerouting costs
  • Tracks every bag and container
  • Reduces passenger processing time
  • Automates tracking of passenger boarding and baggage loading
  • Reduces wasted gate time having to locate already-loaded bags


  • Automated baggage tracking and reconciliation, which helps monitor the movement and loading of baggage during the departure process.
  • Integrates with the same bar-coded system utilized by the Departure Control System (DCS) to identify bags and to track their movement through the airport.
  • Integration with the existing Departure Control System DCS, to process incoming IATA handling messages.
  • Able to deliver IATA reconciliation messages.
  • It employs wireless technologies for the management of peripherals for the data acquisition (hand-scanner terminals).
  • Keeps a baggage inventory database, ready for compliancy with IATA 753
    Real-time monitoring of equipment asset.


A-BRS: Baggage Reconciliation System – Product Sheet

Giving you the confidence that every bag and container in the system is accurately and securely tracked at every point. For passengers, lost bags are inconvenient and highly frustrating. For airlines and airport operators, misdirected baggage is disruptive and costly. The A-ICE Baggage Reconciliation System (A-BRS) is a smart, secure solution for reconciling and tracking baggage and management baggage inventory.

A-BRS: Baggage Reconciliation System – A System Overview

With A-BRS (Baggage Reconciliation System), baggage handlers know exactly where each bag is located — down to the position within the container onboard the aircraft. In the event that a bag must be removed from the aircraft before departure, it can quickly be found and identified with 100% accuracy, using wireless scanners connected to the centralized database.


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