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A-DDS: A-ICE Dynamic Display System


Revolutionize Your Airport Communication with A-ICE’s A-DDS: The Comprehensive Multichannel Information Solution

A-ICE Dynamic Display System A-DDS airport operations

Welcome to A-ICE’s Dynamic Display System (A-DDS), your all-in-one solution for managing and displaying a wide variety of information across different platforms and devices with unparalleled speed, flexibility, and convenience.

A-DDS Overview

Airport operations require seamless communication and information flow. A-DDS is a centralized system that enables you to manage and display diverse content such as flight information, advertising, airline information, passenger information, weather, and digital signage. The user-friendly, web-based control panel allows for dynamic message delivery to passengers or staff in the required formats, adapting quickly to accommodate any special events.

Key Features

A-DDS offers an array of features, including user-configurable displays, clustered monitors, support for specialized devices, emergency override message displays, remote monitoring and maintenance, and free-text display. The system supports timed sequencing for rolling displays, full system and management reporting, and is fully integrated with A-ODB. With its easily configurable and flexible design, A-DDS can be displayed on any monitor and managed using a smartphone, streamlining airport operations and ensuring rapid maintenance response.

Information Types

A-DDS is versatile and supports a range of information types, including flight information (arrivals/departures, flight gate information, check-in information, airline special services information, baggage belt flight list), advertising campaigns, special assistance audio/video for passengers with accessibility needs, and more. It also provides strategic support for security and emergency plans, enabling quick and effective responses to critical situations.


With A-DDS, you can reduce operational costs, streamline information points, and ensure the timely delivery of information to those who need it most. The system fully integrates with existing systems and technologies and can deliver combined and complex information, automate information-sharing processes, and georeference information for defined locations. A-DDS supports multi-device use, including smartphones, and provides administrative functions such as billing, statistics, reports, and data analysis. Its fast and effective deployment, along with the convenience of managing the entire installation using a smartphone, sets A-DDS apart in enhancing passenger satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Experience the future of airport communication with A-DDS – the Dynamic Display System designed to revolutionize your airport’s communication experience.

Contact A-ICE today to learn how A-DDS can revolutionize your airport’s communication experience.


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