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Poprad-Tatry Airport

Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Performance at Poprad-Tatry International Airport.

When it comes to being the gateway to the scenic High Tatras and Low Tatras regions, Poprad-Tatry International Airport plays a crucial role. With rising passenger numbers and increased flight movements, the airport faced challenges in securely and efficiently managing information exchange both internally and internationally. The solution? A partnership with A-ICE, leveraging its advanced A-DCS (Departure Control System) and A-WBS (Weight and Balance System).

A-ICE airport operations software for Poprad-Tatry Airport

As passenger traffic and flight activities grew, Poprad-Tatry International Airport sought a technological overhaul to meet these evolving demands. A-ICE’s A-DCS and A-WBS systems not only offer secure and accurate information handling but also deliver an array of additional benefits, effectively meeting the airport’s multifaceted needs.

The implementation of A-DCS and A-WBS had a transformative impact. The system’s clarity and user-friendly interface simplified operations, from passenger input to flight creation. For the first time, the weight and balance of flights could be managed swiftly and effectively, replacing a manual process that had been fraught with challenges.

What set A-ICE apart was not just the robustness of the individual systems, but also the seamless integration they offered. The products could be smoothly incorporated into the airport’s existing IT ecosystem, making for a fluid transition.

Martina Krause, Ground Dispatch OPS at Poprad-Tatry, praised the systems, stating, “The weight and balance system finally allows us to balance flights very quickly and with high quality. The system is simple and fulfills everything our airport needs.”

A-ICE is honored to be a key partner in Poprad-Tatry International Airport’s journey towards modernization and efficiency. “The level of quality and performance of our systems were essential to our being selected. We are committed to maintaining this standard and supporting Poprad-Tatry in its continued growth,” said Claudio Ferrari, Commercial Director, A-ICE.

The collaboration between A-ICE and Poprad-Tatry International Airport demonstrates the transformative power of the right technology applied in the right context. The success of this partnership marks yet another milestone in A-ICE’s ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional value to its clients.

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