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A-DCS: A-ICE Airport Departure Control System

The A-DCS airport departure control system has comprehensive functionality. Designed for Airlines, Airport Authorities and Handlers, A-DCS is a powerful solution to manage all types of flights.
A-ICE Airport Departure Control System | A-DCS
A-ICE Airport Departure Control System is a system with comprehensive functionality covering all aspects of passenger, baggage and aircraft handling. The system, designed for Airport Authorities and Handling Companies, is suitable for all airlines and compatible with all aircraft types. A-ICE is ongoing development guarantees a state-of-the-art airport departure control solution that will evolve as the industry recommends.


  • 270+ Certified Airlines
  • 5,200+ Aircrafts
  • 3,500+ Seatmaps
  • 1,000+ Aircraft versions


  • Fast and efficient check-in functionality
  • Improves customer service
  • Fast, accurate and secure
  • Extensive configuration options to clients requirements
  • Easy learning with reduced time of training
  • Cute-less
  • Integrated reservation module
  • Cost effective
  • Fast Weight and Balance and easy load planning and load distribution 
  • Mail and Full Cargo flights management 
  • WEB applications available for check-in, boarding and load control over CUTE certified application 
  • IATA 2D barcode functionality 
  • e-Ticket functionality through specific service providers 
  • Dispatch of all IATA-standard aircraft handling messages through TypeB networks 
  • Automatic closeout function with sophisticated standby acceptance feature
  • Arinc Baglink and SITA Bagmessage interfaced
  • EDIFACT/IATCI standard messages version 03:1 and 08:1 compliant 
  • APIS support, Read-in, collection and sending of passport data (API) according to the latest UN Edifact standards trough specific service providers 
  • Baggage reconciliation and tracking covers all aspects of aircraft security (ICAO Annex 17) 
  • TypeB and Email Messaging System 
  • Capability to redirect TypeB messages physical or virtual printers (including email addresses) 
  • Arrivals Flight Management: management of arrival flights information, preparing and sending arrival messages such as MVT (AA) and Arrival DUV.


A-DCS: Departure Control System - Product Sheet

A powerful, comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of departure, including passenger, baggage and aircraft. The A-ICE Departure Control System (A-DCS) brings all this under control in one fully-featured system. Certified by more than 100 airlines and compatible with more than 5,200 aircraft, A-DCS manages functions including boarding card printing, baggage acceptance, boarding, load control and aircraft checks.


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