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Arkia Airlines

Supporting Arkia Airlines’ dynamic expansion plans through rapid deployment of flexible software.

Arkia Airlines, a leading charter carrier in Israel and second in the market in terms of scheduled flights, sought to reinvigorate its software systems to support growth plans. In the process, it selected three key products from A-ICE to fulfill critical functions at airports across Israel and also in new international territories. The products chosen were A-DCS Departure Control SystemA-WBS Weight and Balance System, and A-CUBE Infrastructure.

A-ICE airport operations software for Arkia Airlines

At the time of engagement with A-ICE, Arkia Airlines already covered destinations in Western Europe and had ambitious plans for growth, with a view to opening new routes to India and Thailand. To support this expansion plan, Arkia sought to update its Passenger Service System (PSS), selecting state-of-the-art technology solutions from a range of providers.

A-ICE products were chosen by Arkia for its Departure Control System and Weight and Balance System, managing functions that are critical to the safety and efficiency of the airline’s overall operations. Key to Arkia’s decision was the integration expertise within A-ICE and the ability for the products to be easily deployed and interconnected with software from other vendors, including reservation systems and CUTE systems.

A-CUBE, A-DCS and A-WBS were implemented seamlessly as part of the upgraded Arkia system, with the products brought into operational service in June 2018 at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion and Sde Dov airports. Their success led to them subsequently being deployed at Ramon Airport in Eilat, close to the Red Sea, which opened in 2019 and is now the country’s second-largest airport following the permanent closure of Sde Dov the same year. The products were later deployed to support Arkia’s operations in Bangkok, following an intensive implementation period of just two weeks, and also in selected destinations in India.

The flexibility of A-ICE’s software and architecture confirmed that we made the right choice. The system is so fast and simple that it’s impressively easy to deploy and rapidly adopted by operatives at any station.” – Philip Berman, Operations Director, Arkia Airlines.

A-ICE is proud of having been selected to be a partner of this dynamic and determined airline. The level of quality and performance of our systems were key success factors, together with our focus on integration and our commitment to helping deliver Arkia’s vision for growth.” – Claudio Ferrari, Commercial Director, A-ICE.

Overall, A-ICE’s software and architecture proved to be flexible and easy to deploy, allowing Arkia Airlines to rapidly adopt the technology and support their expansion plans. The successful implementation of A-CUBE, A-DCS and A-WBS at airports in Israel and international territories further solidifies A-ICE as a trusted partner for airlines looking to upgrade their software systems.


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