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AIC: Airport In Cloud

Revolutionize Your Airport Operations with A-ICE’s Cloud-Based Solution – Airport in Cloud.

Welcome to A-ICE’s Airport in Cloud – the complete solution for the cost-effective management of essential airport operations. Our modular, cloud-based IT solution has been designed to simplify airport operations and minimize costs for small and medium-sized operators.

Airport In Cloud: integrated suite of cloud-based applications

Fully Integrated Solution

With Airport in Cloud, all the essential elements of airport operation are integrated into a single cloud-based solution. This simplifies implementation and ongoing support while delivering all the functionality required. Our system is proven, made up of a series of well-established in-market software products that each control specific aspects of functionality. Developed by our team of aviation software experts, they are built on state-of-the-art technology and compliant with current industry standards.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our solution is equally suitable for an entirely new installation at a greenfield site as it is for an established airport location. It has been designed for maximum flexibility when it comes to integration with existing systems and programs.

User-Friendly Interface

The Airport in Cloud front-end features a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that has been designed to be highly intuitive, helping operators get up-to-speed quickly and minimize the time, effort and cost associated with training.

Low Maintenance, High Security

With Airport in Cloud, there is no requirement for anything to be installed at the client site and applications are managed remotely, minimizing effort and cost both for the initial deployment and on an ongoing basis. Our system is held on a highly secure, managed platform to guarantee stability of operation and to safeguard the integrity of the data contained within client systems.

Cost-Effective Solution

At a time when airport operators are faced with significant declines in income, fixed overheads from costly software licenses are a burden on the balance sheet. Airport in Cloud’s pay-per-use model is a highly cost-effective alternative, with only a minimal set-up charge and low-level ongoing license fees.

Insightful Analytics

As well as providing a pleasing experience for users, Airport In Cloud gives management teams access to highly valuable data insights through its dashboards, reporting and analytics, all of which can inform operational and strategic decision-making.

Modular Components

Airport In Cloud is based on a selection of core components that come together as a suite of cloud-hosted applications. Clients can deploy the full suite for an end-to-end airport management solution or simply pick and choose the applications to suit their circumstances.

Our suite of cloud-hosted applications includes:

  • Airport Operational Database
  • Flight scheduling
  • Departure control system
  • Weight and balance system
  • Flight information display system
  • Multimedia information system
  • Security checkpoint
  • Ground handling turnaround management system
  • Contract management and billing
  • Baggage reconciliation
  • First Bag – Last Bag delivery
  • Message Distribution System
  • Business Intelligence and reporting

Choose Airport in Cloud for a complete, flexible, and cost-effective airport management solution. Get started with just an internet connection and pay only for what you need. Contact us today to learn more.


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