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A-HDB: A-ICE Airport Handling DataBase

A-HDB is the perfect solution for managing flight ground operations and services. Full dispatching and supervision throughout the ground time cycle

A-ICE Handling Database A-HDB airport operations

A comprehensive solution, gathering data from flights and services, to give Ground Handlers complete visibility of operations throughout the ground process cycle.

Several views and charts are available for monitoring real-time operations. Among them, apron view with flight status, task status, resources allocated and relevant positioning or a turnaround monitor with arrival and departure information at a glance and possibility to add or modify information quickly.


  • Streamline operations with central database containing all real-time data
  • Early identification of potential delays and critical situations
  • Keep track of all available services and extra services requests along with time of important flight operations (pax disembarkation/embarkation, cargo/mail/baggage offloading /loading, refueling start/end and etc…)
  • Resources management to match SLAs
  • Reduced training times with user friendly and intuitive interface


  • Web based user interface for operations and back-office
  • Ramp Agents PDA for keeping track of services provided and extra services requests
  • Integration with A-ICEs and third party AODBs and scheduling systems
  • Integration with A-ICEs and third party Aviation Contract and Billing systems
  • Complete overview of all ongoing operations on Turn-Around Gantt Chart with clear indication of critical issues
  • Flight Gantt Chart with information on services and operations timings and quantities
  • All flight and service information available on the Ramp Agents PDA with possibility to add notes and receive notifications from back-office
  • Task allocation view for dispatching and monitoring.
  • Mobile application running on smartphones for interaction with resources (dispatching / feedback) as well as for services data collection.
  • Secure access to data with groups and profiles allows choosing what type of information and on what flights is available to every single user of the system
  • Historical database with consolidated data for past flights and data warehouse for easy Business Intelligence and Reporting


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