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How IATA Resolution 753 is enhancing the customer experience [A-ICE Airport Solutions]

IATA Resolution 753 Whitepaper

Catalyst for change: How IATA Resolution 753 is enhancing the customer experience a Whitepaper
A-ICE has produced this whitepaper to provide an overview of IATA Resolution 753, its impact on the industry to date and how smart airlines are embracing it as part of a more significant shift towards customer-centric service a shift that has the potential to usher in further changes in the future.

A-BRS: Baggage Reconciliation System – Product Sheet

Giving you the confidence that every bag and container in the system is accurately and securely tracked at every point. For passengers, lost bags are inconvenient and highly frustrating. For airlines and airport operators, misdirected baggage is disruptive and costly. The A-ICE Baggage Reconciliation System (A-BRS) is a smart, secure solution for reconciling and tracking baggage and management baggage inventory.

A-BRS: Baggage Reconciliation System – A System Overview

With A-BRS (Baggage Reconciliation System), baggage handlers know exactly where each bag is located — down to the position within the container onboard the aircraft. In the event that a bag must be removed from the aircraft before departure, it can quickly be found and identified with 100% accuracy, using wireless scanners connected to the centralized database.

A-MDS: Message Distribution System – Product Sheet

A standards-based messaging system that integrates with AODBs and airport sub-systems to simplify communication transfer with the aviation community. For messages to pass accurately from one system to another, it’s essential that they ‘talk’ the same language. A-MDS provides compatibility between the A-ODB and airport sub-systems to allow for simple, secure data exchange and messaging.

A-CBS Contract & Billing System

A-CBS: Contract and Billing Management System – Product Sheet

Contain and manage everything related to airport fees and charges in one fully-integrated, compliant package. The A-ICE Airport Contract and Billing Management System (A-CBS) is a complete package for streamlining and integrating the administration of fees and charges.

A-FIDS: Flight Information Display – Product Sheet

Easing the flow of passengers through the terminal by ensuring all relevant information is displayed in the right place and at the right time. The A-ICE Flight Information Display System (A-FIDS) is a scalable, state-of-the-art system for handling a wealth of flight-related information, including arrivals and departures, boarding and delay as well as details on gate or baggage belt assignment.

A-FIDS: Flight Information Display – A System Overview

A well-designed system contributes to a more efficient facility and promotes traveller satisfaction, and the A-ICE Flight Information Display System (A-FIDS) ensures that all relevant information is displayed at the right time, in the right place; and between all of the interlinked systems in the right format.

A-DCS: Departure Control System – Product Sheet

A powerful, comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of departure, including passenger, baggage and aircraft. The A-ICE Departure Control System (A-DCS) brings all this under control in one fully-featured system. Certified by more than 100 airlines and compatible with more than 4,500 aircraft types, A-DCS manages functions including boarding card printing, baggage acceptance, boarding, load control and aircraft checks.


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