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A-WBS: A-ICE Weight & Balance System

Achieve Unrivaled Flight Safety with A-WBS

The Elite Choice in Weight and Balance Systems

Streamline Your Operations and Elevate Performance

With our Cutting-Edge Load Management Solution – Trusted by Over 270 Certified Airlines Worldwide.

Welcome to A-ICE’s A-WBS, the ultimate weapon in your aviation arsenal for mastering load control and balance. Designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of the aviation industry, our Weight and Balance System seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, providing real-time monitoring and precise load calculations. Achieve new heights in operational excellence and set your airline apart as a beacon of safety and efficiency.

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Features and Benefits

Versatile Applications

Operate on Your Terms: Our A-WBS system works seamlessly on both CUTE and non-CUTE platforms, allowing for unparalleled operational flexibility. Make the battlefield your own; never be tethered to a single operating environment.

Real-time Monitoring

Situational Awareness at its Finest: Keep your eyes on the sky and your hands on the controls. Real-time monitoring enables you to make critical decisions when they matter the most, keeping your operations efficient and your flights safe.

Precise Weight Calculations

Accuracy Above All: Our system ensures that DOW/DOI calculations are spot-on, every time. The result? Optimal flight balance that not only adheres to safety standards but also contributes to fuel efficiency.

Fuel Management

Operational Excellence, Fuel Efficiency: Manage your fuel curves and tanks effectively to reduce consumption and costs. In a world where every second and gallon counts, A-WBS is your key to leaner, meaner operations.

Mobile Cockpit Accessibility

Command from the Cockpit: Our A-WBS is fully optimized for mobile use, allowing pilots and crew direct access to critical weight and balance data right from the cockpit. Stay in command, wherever you are.

Seamless Integration

Plug and Play, The Elite Way: Our system integrates swiftly with third-party cargo management and DCS systems, making it a breeze to consolidate your operations into a single, efficient hub.

Ready for a Lift-Off in Operational Excellence?

Certified Airlines
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Certification You Can Trust: Over 270 airlines worldwide have certified our A-WBS for load and balance handling. Be part of a globally recognized standard for safety and efficiency.

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Global Reach, Local Impact: Our system is at the heart of more than 5,200 aircraft, streamlining load control and balance management for efficient, safer flights. Be part of a global coalition that champions excellence.


A-WBS, the A-ICE Weight and Balance System, offers extensive capabilities for complete load control and balancing of passenger, mail, and cargo flights. It’s a versatile system designed for a wide range of aviation stakeholders, including Airlines, Centralized Load Control providers, Airport Authorities, Ground Handlers, and Cargo Handling companies. A-WBS is adaptable for any aircraft type and offers deployment flexibility through Cloud, On-Site, or On-Side options with disaster recovery features. Its continuous development ensures it remains a state-of-the-art solution that adapts to your needs, rather than imposing constraints due to system inflexibility.

Yes, A-WBS is designed to seamlessly integrate with any third-party systems, ensuring cohesive and efficient operations across your existing infrastructure.

Our A-WBS provides load controllers with an Ideal Trim Line to ensure the best possible center of gravity (CG), guaranteeing lower CO2 emissions and reduced fuel consumption. The quick balance chart’s green indicator highlights the ideal trim at Zero Fuel, aiming for peak fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, white indicators display the actual indices, allowing for precise adjustments.

A-WBS fuel efficiency chart displaying ideal trim line for best center of gravity to optimize fuel use and reduce CO2 emissions.

A-WBS operates as a web application and is accessible through any standard web browser. For Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE) environments, A-WBS operates within the A-CUBE Client, which is certified on the leading CUTE platforms.

The loading process with A-WBS is designed for exceptional flexibility, catering to a wide array of operational scenarios. The application equips users with robust tools for efficiently managing complex arrangements, from cargo-heavy flights with specific requirements, such as the handling of dangerous goods and meticulous container positioning, to passenger flights that benefit from streamlined procedures. For cargo flights, A-WBS offers sophisticated features for managing specialized loads, while passenger flights enjoy a simplified loading mode. This mode utlizes historical data to expedite the balancing process with just a few clicks, enabling quick and accurate load distribution with minimal input.

A-WBS offers extensive real-time monitoring capabilities for all flight-related activities. Whether integrated with A-ICE’s departure control system or another system, A-WBS keeps track of flight statuses, passenger check-in, boarding procedures, and cargo and mail operations as they happen. It also provides instant access to balance indicators such as zero fuel weight, takeoff, and landing center of gravity (CG) indices. These indicators are available in several formats, ranging from quick balance charts to detailed extended balance charts (please see below), ensuring that essential information is always at your fingertips for optimized flight management.


Real-time flight activity monitoring with A-WBS system


Training duration for A-WBS typically spans between two to four days through an online class.

A-WBS uses kilograms as the official unit for weight measurement. However, it can be customized to display pounds for reference, while all official calculations are performed in kilograms. Conversion from pounds to kilograms is provided in line with AHM560 data standards.

A-ICE meticulously manages AHM data, adhering to IATA and EASA regulations. This ensures our database maintains certification every six months in compliance with AMC1.CAT.POL.MAB.105(b).

A-WBS manages all special loads and dangerous goods by IATA regulations, alerting users to any incompatibilities with special or dangerous loads.

A-ICE customizes A-WBS to accommodate local operational requirements while ensuring compliance with IATA and EASA standards, acknowledging the diverse operational approaches across different regions.

A-ICE provides comprehensive customer support, including 24/7 desk support and second and third-level assistance in both Italian and English.

Data security within A-WBS is a priority for A-ICE, with two nodes located in Rome and Milan within a secure private network.

A-WBS is designed to manage the entire flight cycle, accommodating both passenger and cargo distribution seamlessly.

A-WBS precisely calculates real-time balance, providing ideal trim settings and showing the distance from current indices. The system’s auto-loading algorithms efficiently minimize the gap between ideal trim and center of gravity indexes, maintaining optimal trim for safety and efficiency.

Load sheets can be transmitted through Type-B, ACARS, and email, offering flexible and accessible communication options.

A-WBS offers a try-and-buy program, including a basic training package. On-demand demonstrations are also available to help you explore the system’s capabilities.

Yes, A-WBS is designed to cater to the needs of ground handlers, airlines, and airport operators, offering a versatile solution for diverse aviation stakeholders.

A-WBS is regularly updated with new features, with software updates pushed to customers every six months or when significant updates are available.

A-ICE’s commitment to continuous improvement ensures that A-WBS remains a state-of-the-art solution, evolving alongside the dynamic needs of the aviation industry. This approach has made A-WBS a trusted choice among over 270 certified airlines globally.

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