WSJ Unveils Top US Airports: A Spotlight on Passenger Experience and Technology

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has, for the first time since 2019, returned to ranking the busiest US airports. This time, they’ve centered their assessment on factors crucial to passengers – reliability, convenience, experience, and value. With the latest results now public, we delve into the highlights and explore how A-ICE’s technology is already enhancing these key areas in airports.

WSJ Top Airports Focus on Tech and Passenger Experience A-ICE

Exploring WSJ’s Assessment of the Busiest US Airports

The WSJ’s annual ranking is back, revealing the performance of the top 50 busiest airports in the US. The list, divided into two categories – ‘large’ (top 20) and ‘midsize’ (remaining 30), analyzes 19 factors encompassing the entire travel journey. From the initial ticket purchase to arrival at the destination, every aspect of passenger interaction is evaluated.

The ranking factors fall into three main categories that matter the most to the passenger experience – reliability, convenience, and value. Data from the JD Power North America Airport Satisfaction Study were extensively used in the ‘convenience’ category.

Top Ten US Airports: How Technology Makes a Difference

San Francisco Airport (SFO) led the large airport rankings, while Sacramento International Airport (SMF) topped the list in the midsize category.

SFO showcased on-time rates of over 80%, a remarkable improvement on pre-pandemic levels, despite facing challenges. According to airport officials, this accomplishment was facilitated by upgrades in both technology and process policy, reflecting the impact of smart solutions like A-ICE’s Flight Information Display System (FIDS) and cloud-based airport management systems.

SMF, on the other hand, simplified passenger navigation through the terminal and reduced stress levels by providing clear, accurate information – a strategy in line with A-ICE’s commitment to delivering precise, real-time information through its advanced FIDS technology.

The Role of Passenger Experience and Technology in Today’s Aviation Industry

The ‘convenience’ category, where passenger experience holds significant sway in terms of ranking, underscores the importance of technology in shaping today’s aviation industry. Airports are increasingly turning to technology to improve processes and make the journey as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Today’s smart cloud airport management systems are presenting a plethora of opportunities to maximize passenger satisfaction. They remove the need for dedicated IT infrastructure, thereby freeing up valuable terminal space. Additionally, they provide operational agility as key processes, such as baggage reconciliation and Weight and Balance, become effectively automated.

When it comes to delivering up-to-date passenger and flight information, advanced FIDS technology is an unparalleled asset. With capabilities for multiple languages, extended displays, and personalized messaging, today’s FIDS technology can deliver precise data at any given time, ensuring passengers have the information they need.

Your Partner in Elevating Passenger Experience

The integration of the right technologies can significantly enhance operations and passenger experience – a top priority for airports and rankings today. Let A-ICE guide you in making the right decisions. Talk to us today to explore how our suite of solutions can elevate your airport’s standing.

The Top Ten Best Large US Airports

  1. San Francisco (SFO)
  2. Atlanta (ATL)
  3. Minneapolis (MSP)
  4. Detroit (DTW)  
  5. Phoenix (PHX) 
  6. Los Angeles (LAX)
  7. Houston Bush (IAH)      
  8. Las Vegas (LAS)             
  9. Charlotte (CLT)              
  10. Seattle (SEA)

The Top Ten Best Midsize US Airports

  1. Sacramento (SMF)
  2. San Diego (SAN)
  3. San Jose (SJC) 
  4. San Antonio (SAT)
  5. Portland (PDX)
  6. Honolulu (HNL)              
  7. Tampa (TPA)   
  8. Salt Lake City (SLC)
  9. Santa Ana (SNA)
  10. Oakland (OAK)


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