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weight and balance

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How important is weight and balance?

The Weight and Balance system for aircraft is extremely important and ensures the aircraft is loaded correctly so that it flies safely and in a stable condition. It is calculated according to the airport Departure Control System which shares critical information about passengers, baggage and other cargo. Making mistakes in this critical stage can have a direct effect on the performance and stability of the aircraft at every stage of the flight.


How A-WBS System can help

A-WBS is A-ICE’s answer to automating Weight and Balance calculations. Using comprehensive functionality, A-WBS covers full balance and load control for any aircraft type and for passenger, mail and cargo operations.


A-ICE understands that systems integration holds the key to fully streamlining airport, airline and ground handling processes. When systems communicate in real time, they help to effectively automate core tasks, which can tick vital compliance boxes and accelerate efficiency across all departments. Our solutions benefit from consistent improvement and as such remain scalable and adaptable to the evolving aviation landscape. Talk to us about your current weight and balance challenges and let us help. Connect with us on LinkedIn for more A-ICE industry news.