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TIDE Sprint

NATO TIDE Sprint events news from around the world

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NATO Technology for Information, Decision and Execution Superiority – events demonstrate some of the most innovative ideas within the military sector. With nine main tracks, each dealing with a specific subject from C2 to Tech, M&S to FMN, TIDE Sprint offers some of the best opportunities for participants to collaborate and exchange ideas within a forum of scientists, engineers and operators from military, industry and academia.

The role of A-ICE

A-ICE is a contributor in the Logistics Track of TIDE Sprint, involved with discussion of the potential of emerging technologies for future military logistics. CLOS, Collaborative Logistics Optimization System, was developed by A-ICE to address real logistics challenges and was unveiled at TIDE Sprint 2018.


Precision planning is essential in a typically hazardous military environment with the routine movement, storage, transportation and maintenance of military supplies. CLOS military logistics software offers a secure, integrated solution to automate and simplify every aspect of logistics planning. A-ICE has extensive experience in the development of solutions in direct response to real military logistics requirements. Talk to us today.


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