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passenger processing

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What is passenger processing?

Passenger processing within an airport environment involves several aspects and is the term given to the handling of the passenger and their baggage, in addition to the handling of their data and security while they move through the journey to the destination airport. This will include:

  • Ticketing
  • Check in
  • Baggage handling and reconciliation
  • API collection, storage and transmission (or PNR)
  • Security screening
  • Boarding
  • Interlining transfers of passenger and baggage (if applicable)
  • Arrival and baggage claim


With average passenger numbers steadily increasing on a global scale, and the requirements consistently rising in terms of regulatory compliance, airports of all sizes around the world are facing growing challenges to keep passengers happy and moving smoothly.


How can A-ICE help you to process passengers more effectively?

A-ICE works closely with airports around the world to implement some of the most advanced solutions which when integrated within a secure environment, can streamline and automate many of the routine passenger processing tasks. The A-BRS baggage reconciliation system, for example, offers a seamless baggage tracking feature that fully complies with IATA R753 and when integrated with A-DCS, our robust departure control system, it becomes a powerful solution that can handle all types of flights.


Talk to us today about how systems integration can help streamline your current passenger processing system. With no minimum contracts, we’re different from other providers. connect with us on LinkedIn for more A-ICE industry news.