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FIDS – Flight Information Display Systems for Airports

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Flight Information Display Systemtechnology forms the backbone of the airport experience for passengers. The system helps to guide travellers through the airport and tells them where they need to be and when. Typical traditional displays include flight numbers, airline, gate and boarding information. The latest displays offer further customisation options including multi-lingual displays and external web interface to enable a wider range of information, strengthening passenger experience.


Future-proofing the airport with FIDS

Today’s Flight Information Display Systems can also help to reinforce airport operations at many levels. A-ICE understands the pressures faced by airport operators across the world. With rising passenger numbers predicted and inevitable compliance requirements set to increase alongside, airports are looking for ways to prepare and future-proof operations.


A-ICE’s A-FIDS offers operators a state-of-the-art solution with fully configurable options and displays for different locations or airport departments. This solution offers support for a range of specialized devices and has full functionality for management and reporting with minimal manual entry. When integrated with the A-ICE airport departure control system, A-DCS, the handling database, A-HDB, A-FIDS delivers a powerful, flexible and fully scalable approach.


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