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CUTE or DCS workstations

Please browse the recent articles featuring CUTE or DCS Workstations. The A-ICE blog features industry news, latest customer stories, product features and analysis for our customers and peers in the industry.


Working with CUTE or DCS Workstations

CUTE or DCS workstations offer airports and airlines a wide range of benefits, from saving on terminal space to enabling better data sharing capabilities. This can lead to a reduction in the need for dedicated airline check-in desks, cost sharing for airlines and reduced queueing, which enhances the passenger experience too.


CUTE is the accepted abbreviation for Common Use Terminal Equipment and can also include self-service check in kiosks, baggage drop facilities and off-site services. DCS (Departure Control System) workstations are integrated with the airline DCS.


How integration from A-ICE streamlines DCS operations

A-ICE understands the challenges airports and airlines face every day with changing regulations, passenger demand and increasing passenger numbers. We can help with a range of solutions that effectively ease integration and streamline processes, whether you’re working with CUTE or DCS workstations.


A-CUBE is our powerful middleware that provides centralized remote workstation monitoring, control and interaction.  It handles typeB messaging via integration with A-MDS, our message distribution system compatible with multiple protocols and can also manage A-MIS and A-FIDS applications for fully controlled distribution. Talk to us today and connect with us on LinkedIn for more A-ICE industry news.

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