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Baggage Reconciliation System

Please browse the recent articles featuring the airport baggage reconciliation system. The A-ICE blog features industry news, latest customer stories, product features and analysis for our customers and peers in the industry.


What is an airport baggage reconciliation system?

Historically, the cost for lost or misdirected luggage has run into the billions of Euros across the aviation industry every year. A baggage reconciliation system is designed to help minimise the risk of lost luggage by matching the baggage with a boarded passenger, to then track the location of baggage and to ensure that any lost luggage can be located and reunited with the passenger as quickly as possible.


Since the introduction of IATA’s Resolution 753 in 2018, airlines are now responsible for keeping track of passenger baggage at key points in the baggage journey. Information must also be accurately recorded and made available to other stakeholders, such as during handover of custody when interlining with another airline. Many airports are turning to the latest airport technologies and integration to make sure they meet compliance requirements and keep passengers happy.


A-ICE baggage reconciliation system

A-ICE has developed a powerful, integrable baggage reconciliation system that operates with accuracy, speed and minimal resources. A-BRS has powerful functionality, yet is flexible enough to operate on a range of devices. The tracking features of A-BRS offer automatic R752-compliance and when integrated with A-DCS our Departure Control System, can be accessible in real time.  Talk to us today about our fully integrable solutions for airlines or connect with us on LinkedIn for more A-ICE industry news.