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Automate airport billing and contracts

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Making sure that airport billing and contracts are accurately recorded can be a complex task for airports. Operators have scalable fees and charges which need to be recorded in detail. These also include fluctuating charges, such as public tariffs, night or holiday operating surcharges, aircraft types and more. In addition, some airlines negotiate special contracts and keeping track of these and then calculating the actual charges before invoicing traditionally requires heavy resources. Automating contracts and airport billing can simplify these critical processes and increase efficiency significantly, particularly when using database integration.


A-ICE airport contract and billing system

A-ICE has developed a fully integrable solution to handle contracts and airport billing with accuracy and minimal resources. A-CAB has powerful tools including a WEB module to manage airport fees and charges and create detailed tariff customisation. When integrated with A-ODB, the A-ICE powerful operational database, actual charges, fees and costs can be accurately calculated, recorded and stored before automated invoicing set to definable parameters. Talk to us today about our fully integrable airport solutions for operators or connect with us on LinkedIn for more A-ICE industry news.