Streamline Passenger, Baggage and Aircraft Handling with A-DCS

Streamline Passenger, Baggage and Aircraft Handling with A-DCS A-ICE airport operations

A-DCS is A-ICE’s Airport Departure Control System, designed to deliver a comprehensive, secure and flexible functionality for airlines, airports, authorities and ground handlers. With the power to manage all types of flights and aircraft, A-DCS offers a simplified, fully integrable solution to meet the rising challenges of passenger, baggage and aircraft handling.

With passenger numbers and expectations rising year-on-year, the aviation industry faces challenges every day in terms of efficiency and cost-effectivity. Many are looking to simplify and automate the root processes through the integration of powerful software solutions. Getting systems communicating and sharing data and information within a secure environment can deliver results fast and tick the compliance boxes, of which there are many, automatically.

How A-DCS can benefit handling operations

A-DCS has powerful functionality and operates within industry standards and has the ability to manage a range of functions, such as:

  • Check in control
    • Boarding card printing
    • APIS support
  • Baggage acceptance
    • Baggage reconciliation and tracking
  • Passenger boarding
    • Seat mapping
  • Load control
    • Weight and Balance
  • Aircraft checks
  • Resource management
  • And more.

Streamlining handling at this level reduces the likelihood of ground delays and can significantly speed turnaround times, especially if integrated with other A-ICE airport solutions such as A-BRS, powerful R753-compliant Baggage Reconciliation System, the A-HDB Handling Database and A-MDS, our secure Message Distribution System.

At an operational level, A-DCS offers a streamlined approach to ground handling, which can lead to a much wider range of benefits for passengers in terms of improved customer service and passenger experience.

Meeting the bottom line

A-ICE is different from many other service providers. Our solutions are developed with real challenges in mind, both current and future as the industry continues to expand. We know that with ongoing development, we can guarantee a solution that will evolve and adapt to the increasingly complex aviation industry.

Working with us offers a simplified, scalable solution with no minimum contract. The simple, centralized platform delivers a system that is user-friendly and requires minimum training, significantly reducing investment.

Talk to us today about how we can help streamline passenger, baggage and aircraft management or visit the A-DCS product page to find out more.


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