21 July 2020

Smart Proximity Solution: Addendum

A-SPS: A-ICE Smart Proximity Solution

The A-ICE Smart Proximity Solution (A-SPS) provides airport operators with an integrated approach to support contact-free passenger journeys through the airport terminal.


On arrival at the airport, passengers are tested to make sure they do not have the infection using a simple blow test. Test results are ready in less than 30 seconds. To find out more about this, please contact us for more information.

Bracelet Configurations

The A-ICE Smart Proximity Bracelets can be configured for those traveling in groups, so that families can share the same ‘proximity bubble’.


All Smart Proximity Bracelets are collected, sanitized and re-wrapped in protective envelops. There are options for the bracelets to be collected on-board and then returned to the ramp-agents, just before closing the aircraft doors.

For more information about our innovative Smart Proximity Solution and to understand more about how it can be used to bring integrated COVID-19 resilience to your systems and airport setting, please contact us.

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