Smart and Secure Airport Messaging – are we there yet?

Smart and Secure Airport Messaging A-ICE Airport Operations

The Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled the emergence of technology to make automation, connectivity, data sharing and access to information not only possible but increasingly faster and with more capacity. In airports, we see the benefits of this in both infrastructure and ‘front of house’ with automated check-in and bag drop facilities, smart gates and access control. And with full systems integration, there’s greater visibility than ever before for operations management through connectivity.

As airport systems begin to ‘talk’ to one another and utilize Machine Learning, AI and other intelligent solutions, a connected ecosystem is created that can not only handle the operational challenges of today but can be scalable and flexible enough to adapt to those of tomorrow.

The benefits of a connected aviation ecosystem are clear. As passenger numbers continue to rise and regulatory conditions along with them, automation and smart solutions can make the operational environment and the passenger experience seamless. However, a connected environment has its vulnerabilities and with EASA estimating that ‘an average of 1,000 cyber-attacks occur per month on aviation systems’ security has to become smarter too.

Cybersecurity in the connected airport

Cybersecurity risks across an airport environment pose a threat to the national security of any country. They are fast-evolving and largely affordable by terror groups and organizations. Airport operators can face many kinds of risks and when the airport is seamlessly connected, these risks are widespread.

Because of this, the connected airport environment must ensure that security is also a top priority for both operational continuance and to meet regulatory conditions set by border agencies and aviation authorities. Achieving both a comprehensive, seamless airport experience and a fully secure one lies in the implementation of the right combination of solutions. Some industry professionals believe that we are still some way off but ticking the boxes in terms of secure airport messaging and data handling within both cloud and dedicated IT solutions is available.

How A-ICE can help

Through industry experience and a passion for research, A-ICE has been developing comprehensive solutions, tailored for airports of all sizes around the world. Understanding messaging protocols and using systems integration for example, A-MDS offers secure and smart interoperability with A-HDB, the powerful database solution that helps make ground handling smooth and compliant.

When combined with our other Airport-in-a-Box applications, we can create a streamlined and secure platform for all your airport operations – from check-in and baggage handling to security and interlining and everything else in between. Compliance with mandatory regulations is easily met for the A-ICE connected airport and passenger experience enhanced.

With the challenges of tomorrow to think about too, a flexible, scalable approach is needed to ensure that airports infrastructure can handle rising air traffic and passenger expectations. Are you ready to embrace smart and secure airport messaging and management? Talk to A-ICE today.


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