Smart Airport Investment Where You Need It Most

Investment in technology is widely accepted as the way forward in the airport industry. This is because the latest solutions offer to meet the need for greater efficiency and scalability. However, for small and medium-sized airports, it can be difficult to decide where to invest when it comes to technology.

We examine some of the ways airports can maximize their investments and prepare for the future while improving operational productivity where they need it most today.

Smart Airport Investment Where You Need It Most

Creating a scalable approach

Creating a scalable approach is a crucial consideration when choosing airport technology. Industry expectations are for higher passenger numbers, but recent history has demonstrated that the ability to scale down is just as important.

Traditional systems can be expensive and complex, including more functionality than is really needed in a smaller operational environment. On the other hand, implementing task-specific software can often require more management. Both these options typically include investment in dedicated IT resources and implementation, in addition to fixed contractual costs.

Cloud-based solutions are increasing in popularity and are offering small-to-medium-sized operators a new way forward. These types of systems can be tailored to suit specific needs and significantly reduce or sometimes remove the need for on-site, dedicated infrastructure. Scalability in some cloud-based technologies is achieved by the ability to select and pay for only the applications that they need when they need them.

Simplifying operational management

Simplifying operational management should be a priority consideration during investment decision-making. This is because future predicted traffic rises, increasing regulatory controls, and compliance requirements could weigh heavily on current infrastructure and lead to delays.

Integrating cloud-based solutions can offer a centralized, simplified approach to management and help to streamline core processes:

  • Automating compliance
  • Strengthening cyber security
  • Enhanced security screening
  • Reducing dedicated resources
  • Access to real-time data
  • Managing traffic flow
  • Advance warning of potential delays

Give your airport wings with PAYG technology

As we previously mentioned, recent history has demonstrated the need for a more flexible approach to investing in technology and airport systems. Traditional investments were heavily tied to long, expensive contractual agreements and fixed fees.

Now, there is an option to operate on a totally different commercial model with the advent of Pay-per-use. By investing in cloud technologies, such as Airport-in-Cloud, airports can purchase a smart suite of solutions with no long contract attached. Following implementation and selection of the required applications, costs are applied only according to activity levels.

Can we help?

A-ICE understands the challenges faced by small-to-medium-sized operators when deciding where to invest for maximum value. Our solutions are scalable and constantly evolving through development and research with an aim to simplify, strengthen and streamline operations. Talk to us about scalability and let us help you prepare your airport for tomorrow and improve flexibility today.


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