Marco Labricciosa Gallese Joins AirTech Italy Board of Directors to Enhance Italian Aviation IT Innovation

Marco Labricciosa Gallese, Founder and Operation Director at A-ICE, has been appointed as a Board Member of AirTech Italy, with a key role in coordinating the Information Technology (IT) segment. This appointment reflects his commitment to enhancing the aviation IT sector through his comprehensive experience and strategic insight.

Marco Labricciosa Gallese joining AirTech Italy Board to lead IT innovation in aviation - A-ICE

Marco’s extensive experience in the aviation industry spans various global regions, providing him with a deep understanding of the sector’s multifaceted challenges. His expertise is centered around integrating technical knowledge with operational management, contributing significantly to aviation IT development.

AirTech Italy represents Italian companies specialized in supplying products, technologies and services for airports and air traffic control. Established in 2020 under the patronage of the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC), the organization focuses on providing “integrated solutions” for civil aviation organizations and airport operators, leveraging Italian high competencies and skills.

In Marco’s new role, Marco intends to emphasize Italian technological expertise to enhance global airport operations. His goal is to implement forward-thinking IT solutions that elevate efficiency and sustainability in airports, in line with the changing demands of the aviation industry.

Upon his appointment, Marco stated, “I am honored to join AirTech Italy’s Board and look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of AirTech Italy, I am proud to represent the best of Italian companies’ technology and promote innovation in the airport technology sector, where IT plays a crucial role.

A-ICE’s association with AirTech Italy as a member company allows for a synergy of ideas and technological advancements, strengthening their impact on airport technology globally.

Marco Labricciosa Gallese’s appointment at AirTech Italy represents a strategic enhancement in the aviation IT sector. His leadership and experience are expected to bring significant advancements in technology application at airports. This partnership underscores a significant step for both A-ICE and AirTech Italy in their collaborative pursuit of excellence in aviation technology.

About A-ICE:

A-ICE is at the forefront of aviation innovation, offering a suite of advanced air transport software solutions tailored to modern airport and airline needs. The cloud-based Airport in Cloud (AiC) platform provides a holistic approach to airport operations, ensuring streamlined and cost-effective management for small and medium-sized operators.

Among the flagship solutions, the Weight and Balance System (A-WBS) guarantees optimal flight safety through precise management of loads. The Departure Control System (A-DCS) automates and refines the departure process, and the Dynamic Display System (A-DDS) offers a revolutionary approach to multichannel communication, ensuring passengers and staff are always informed.

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