Keeping Airport IT Simple

Airport operations are traditionally complex, incorporating passenger, flight and security data, baggage handling and compliance, plus a host of other processes that are central to everyday operation. With passenger numbers on the rise alongside burgeoning regulations, keeping airport IT simple is the key to providing passengers with the experience they are looking for.

As airports all over the world work to keep the balance between passenger experience and the bottom line budget, moving to smart airport IT can give operators wings in the quest for a future-proofed, flexible environment.

Keeping Airport IT Simple A-ICE Airport Operations

How cloud-based IT is giving airports wings

We know that airports can only run as smoothly as their software and this has often led to a complex set of decisions, especially for small and medium-sized operators. Traditional choices include an expensive, complicated system, much of which they will not need, or selecting a range of task-specific programs that require integration and careful management once installed.

Moving to cloud-based operations offers operators the opportunity to simplify and streamline the airport IT environment. This is because integration happens in the cloud, with no requirement for local or on-site installation. Applications are also managed remotely, and this minimizes both time and cost, whether integrated technologies are working on a new, greenfield site or within an established location.

The benefits of streamlining airport IT in the cloud

Streamlining airport IT brings a wide range of benefits, particularly for smaller operations, offering them greater flexibility, automated compliance and the ability to better manage costs. Moving to cloud-based airport management is a step in the evolution of the smart airport, offering to streamline through technologies that are currently changing the way all global industry sectors are operating.

Managing costs has been historically complex for airports of any size. This is influenced by many factors but changing the way operators choose technology can make a significant difference in managing bottom-line budgeting.

By streamlining and migrating to cloud technologies, smaller and medium-sized operators can benefit from a more flexible system by investing in Software as a Service (SaaS) products, which offer a simplified pay-as-you-go platform once integrated. In terms of hardware, off-the-shelf systems and an internet connection are all that are needed to get started and only applications that are appropriate to the specific airport operations need to be utilized.

How integration is key to operational flexibility

When key applications are properly integrated into airport IT systems, they can revolutionize operations, creating flexibility like never before. This is achieved through simplified management and automated compliance in addition to enhanced performance and accelerated data processing.

Management is simplified through access to real-time data and smart technologies help to identify potential issues before they translate into ground delays or bottlenecks, for instance. This means that operators can better manage ground resources, which contributes to a better passenger experience through information delivery, smoother processing, and fewer delays.

Compliance is another inevitable challenge that cloud technologies can help airports overcome through automation. For example, using a baggage handling and reconciliation application offers real-time data sharing, which makes compliance with regulations such as IATA R753 (mandatory baggage tracking and passenger reconciliation) fast and straightforward.

Can we help?

A-ICE understands the importance of keeping IT simple, scalable, and cost-efficient. We work with airports of all sizes to help them streamline their technologies and implement solutions that give them the vital flexibility they need to meet compliance and enhance the management and passenger experience.

Talk to us today about your airport IT and your plans to future-proof your operations. Let us help with expert advice and high-performance, pay-as-you-go options.


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