Is Your Baggage Tracking Technology R753 Compliant?

Is Your Baggage Tracking Technology R753 Compliant A-ICE airport operations

The compliance deadline for IATA Resolution 753 was in June 2018. More than 12 months on and many member airlines still remain non-compliant – is your baggage tracking technology R753 compliant?

The IATA R753 initiative was agreed following requests from airlines back in 2013 and members were given five years to comply. However, IATA did recognise that in many cases compliance would require major infrastructural changes and hence close collaboration with airports and other key stakeholders would be necessary.

As a result, IATA aren’t yet pressing airlines with any implications for non-compliance. This won’t last forever, and airlines may still yet face meeting the cost of reuniting lost or misdirected baggage with its owner. Lost luggage costs the industry around $2.4 billion a year, which demonstrates the need for tightened control and R753 will deliver it.

How can you get R753-compliant?

The R753 guidelines expect airlines to be able to keep track of passenger baggage as it changes custody at key points in the journey. This includes interlining transfers, which account for almost half of all lost bags.

Key information must also be made available securely to other stakeholders or airlines involved in the baggage journey. It is only by keeping accurate tracking and positioning records with the ability to cross-reference baggage according to the boarded passenger that airlines will be able to meet R753 compliance requirements.

How A-ICE can ensure your baggage tracking technology is compliant?

A-ICE uses in-depth knowledge and experience to bring you a comprehensive solution to help with R753 compliance. Our smart baggage reconciliation system, A-BRS, delivers the opportunity for seamless baggage tracking at customizable points in the baggage journey, automating and simplifying, even within the most complex airport environments.

A-BRS offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Suitable for all aircraft types
  • Fully customizable tracking points and loading strategies
  • Outbound, Transfer and Inbound baggage management
  • Fully integrable with DCS (via standard IATA RP1745 BSM)
  • Exchange data and events with other airlines and stakeholders
  • Passenger and baggage matching
  • Enables fast offload with exact bag position reporting
  • Alarm facility for alerting baggage handling errors
  • Compatible with hand-held devices
  • Pay-as-you-go billing and no minimum contracts

With the challenges of meeting IATA R753 requirements complex, a flexible, scalable approach is needed to ensure that communication and co-operation between airlines and airports infrastructure is seamless and cost-efficient. A-ICE’s suite of integrable solutions can provide the key to streamlining, simplifying and automating airport, airline and ground handling processes. Are you ready to meet R753 compliance? Talk to A-ICE today.


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