Increase Passenger Experience and Revenue with A-BRS Automated Baggage Handling

Passenger experience is high on the list of priorities for airports of all sizes around the world and investment in this area, including airport infrastructure and systems to improve it, is big. With significant spending in improving passenger areas, such as the creation of high-end dining and shopping experiences, airports also need to ensure that the time passengers get to spend in these areas is maximised.

How the self-service baggage system can reduce queues and save valuable time

Global trends show that flight passenger numbers are increasing, year-on-year and consistently. Rising demand goes hand-in-hand with rising pressure and airports are looking at the latest ways to reduce waiting times, accelerate and expedite passenger processing, yet still maintain the vital (and mandatory) security requirements. With big opportunities for ancillary airport revenue, investments in the implementation of systems to automate and simplify passenger and airport operations to help streamline passenger processing and reduce queues, could pay off quickly.

How the self-service baggage system can reduce queues and save valuable time

One of the biggest queue-creators in the airport environment is undoubtedly passenger check-in and bag drop. Self-service solutions can help streamline passenger processing significantly, and airports can also benefit from the reduction (or removal) of dedicated, airline-specific counters, which immediately saves valuable terminal space that could be utilised for the provision of more passenger areas.

When self-service systems are in place, passengers also feel more in control of their journey, and are not wasting their time searching for dedicated check-in desks and joining a queue. Self-service baggage handling and automated reconciliation systems, such as A-BRS, deliver the opportunity for seamless bag tracking too – a mandatory requirement under last year’s IATA Resolution 753 – while significantly reducing instances of queuing through full integration with other crucial airport systems.

Using A-BRS, passengers can electronically scan boarding passes and print bag tags straight from self-service kiosks placed conveniently within the terminal building, or in off-site locations, such as car hire kiosks and hotels. The latest RFID tags are supported, and these allow complete automation throughout the baggage handling system. Once ready to be loaded onto departing aircraft, the system ensures each bag is matched with a boarded passenger and records the precise location of the baggage within the cargo area.

Happy, relaxed passengers enjoy the experience and maximise your revenue

Baggage handling, management and reconciliation play a critical role in today’s airport operations. When passengers are relaxed and happy, knowing that their baggage is safe and efficiently handled, security is taken care of and they have time on their hands, they will enjoy an enhanced passenger experience, reinforced by the good food on offer and the luxury shopping and entertainment areas. This is a huge opportunity for airport operators to increase revenue and secure operations in a scalable, flexible approach.

Talk to A-ICE today about your plans to increase revenue opportunities in your airport. With millions of flight passengers travelling every year, the potential opportunities are enormous. Visit the A-BRS automated baggage handling page now to find out more.


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