IGHC Event Round Up

A-ICE IATA Ground Handling Conference IGHC Round Up

A-ICE enjoyed unprecedented interest in their services for airports, ground handlers, airlines and logistics at this year’s IGHC – the IATA Ground Handling Conference in Madrid. Particular interest was on their Departure Control System, Weight and Balance System, Transportation Logistics and especially their Handling Database.

The A-ICE team had the chance to converse with a huge array of organisations, and even met with a few “unlikely” customers who, being dissatisfied with the expensive, stand-alone systems on the market, were extremely interested in the connectivity, flexibility and ease of use enjoyed by the A-ICE technology.

This was the third time that A-ICE have attended the event, the first time as delegates in Bangkok, last year exhibiting in Doha and this year in Madrid.

IGHC offered a unique way to meet and network

Taking its inspiration from Speed Dating, IGHC offered “Speed-Networking”. A chance for suppliers to pitch their services to key players in the industry – but with the added pressure of a 5-minute limit. A-ICE spoke with over 20 airlines in this way, with many coming back the next day to find out more about the systems that had been introduced. These sessions were crucial to getting the A-ICE offering known in the industry as they expand their customer base globally.

Director of A-ICE, Claudio Ferrari said in the official IATAtv interview, “I’m very happy with the opportunity that we had yesterday with the speed networking. That was really, really amazing, great. Five minutes is enough to understand if there is an interest, and after that you can schedule a proper meeting and have an in-depth evaluation of our solutions and the requirements of the customer.”

A-ICE IATA Ground Handling Conference IGHC Round Up

Carlos Fernandes, Sales & Business Development, headed up the team at the event and had the chance to meet industry peers and potential customers. He commented, “The real highlight of the event for us was the opportunity to speak with organisations that we wouldn’t normally come in to contact with. We have some really unique solutions, that tackle the real-world issues faced in daily operations, and were delighted to tell our peers about them.”

Both Claudio and Carlos would be delighted to see this format repeated in subsequent events.

A chance to learn what our customers want

The opportunity to speak to both existing and potential customers in this format gave A-ICE some new ideas for future development. IGHC was a great opportunity to not only present the A-ICE ground handling solutions to ground handlers, but to understand how they could be adapted and expanded to serve the needs of even more sectors, notably airlines. A-ICE Director, Claudio Ferrari was excited by the interest in these new and upcoming solutions from airlines.

A-ICE IATA Ground Handling Conference IGHC Round Up

“We have presented solutions mainly for ground handlers and that was our main purpose, to meet with the ground handlers, but on talking to the airlines, we discovered that we have solutions that can be adapted to their needs. That was very important for us – on speaking with 10 different airlines, seven of them had the same requirements, the same needs as the ground handlers. We are a very flexible company, we can decide whether or not to do investment in any given area, and where to put our development effort.”

The event has left the A-ICE directors with some exciting discussions to be had about where next to invest in their technology with some much useful discussion and feedback on their products.

In summary

IGHC was an opportunity for aviation suppliers to raise awareness, share research and develop new solutions for the ever-changing world of aviation. The conference attracted a range of representatives from Airlines, Ground Service Providers and Airport Authorities.

A-ICE IATA Ground Handling Conference IGHC Round Up

In their press release, IATA stated, “IATA strives to lead the industry towards improved safety and operational efficiency in ground handling by setting standards, initiating and encouraging the implementation of global solutions. Among them, the following initiatives have been developed as an integrated solution for ground operations tailored to risk management”

A-ICE can deliver solutions for all these sectors straight out of the box for fast implementation, integrate them with your existing technology, and have your handling operations running more efficiently and in record time. We’re also pleased to help customers who have specific requirements that may not be available as standard, and our team can develop you a bespoke, tailor made solution that will satisfy your needs. In fact, all of the functionality in our solutions has been developed in response to real problems faced by the airports, airlines and ground handlers that we work with.

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