IATA Highlight Benefits of Industry and Government Cooperation in Aviation

IATA Highlight Benefits of Industry and Government Cooperation in Aviation

Earlier this year saw IATA’s Director General and CEO, Mr Alexandre de Juniac, speak at the International Aviation Club in Washington about the growing importance of cooperation between government and industry to enable the aviation industry to manage the expected increases in passenger flight travel over the next 20 years.

During the address, Mr de Juniac noted that the aviation industry supports 6.5 million jobs in the US alone and adds more than $778 million to GDP (figure includes aviation-supported tourism). With passenger numbers rising and predicted to continue to do so at a significant rate, social and economic benefits can be realised by aviation, but greater support and collaboration will be necessary to allow the industry to handle these significant rises over the long-term.

Investing in infrastructure to cope with rising aviation demand

One of the key areas that will require greater support, cooperation and investment is airport infrastructure. Competition within the airline industry should also be supported, according to Mr de Juniac, creating an argument against current stirrings within Congress for the reduction in the value of the 1978 deregulation of the airline industry, which allowed airlines to work towards the introduction of lower fares and greater accessibility.

Infrastructure investment is critical to accommodate expected growth, yet De Juniac also noted that additional US airports will be needed, adding that, ‘no major new airport has opened here in almost 25 years. With the U.S. market expected to add close to 500 million passengers by 2037, that just won’t do.’

To fully enable airports to cope with expected growth, while managing inevitable cost increases, a flexible, scalable approach is required. De Juniac also stressed the importance of a collaborative approach, incorporating Government, Congress and the Administration to work together to protect the aviation industry – touching on the recent US shutdown, he thanked the thousands of aviation employees for their dedication in keeping the aviation industry operational, in spite of no pay.

Improvements to infrastructure should also include capacity and the ability to implement scalable solutions to bring advancing technical and service level requirements into alignment as passenger demand increases. With cost an issue, in addition to security, there has never been a greater need for flexibility and innovation.

How A-ICE can help

A-ICE airport and airline solutions offer the flexibility and scalability needed to streamline airport processes and strengthen infrastructure at a comprehensive level.

Using a consultative approach, A-ICE can tailor every solution to precisely meet the needs of the customer, regardless of airport size or existing systems. With fully integrable applications that meet regulatory requirements, A-ICE bring opportunities to airports and airlines to gain complete operational visibility and to enable enhanced functionality at every level.

Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems to reduce infrastructural investment while simultaneously offering greater flexibility, enhanced resource management and an automation of critical processes.

A-ICE airport solutions include:

  • A-BRS – streamlined and fully-compliant baggage reconciliation
  • A-DBS – enhanced functionality with a secure, integrable database
  • A-MDS – secure, flexible and compliant messaging
  • A-FIDS – dynamic flight information displays
  • A-CBS – powerful contracts and billing solution
  • And more.

A-ICE focus on delivering high-value, yet cost-effective solutions to streamline critical airport operations. We understand, through extensive industry experience, the increasing pressures faced by airports and airlines in today’s climate – we aim to help meet these challenges with a flexible, scalable approach that helps future-proof the aviation industry.

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