How Integrable Airport Tech Can Meet the Challenges of Passenger Growth

How Integrable Airport Tech can Meet the Challenges of Passenger Growth

There is much more to airport expansion than simply making more space to accommodate growing passenger numbers. In a recent article by International Airport Review, the utilisation of multiple data sources and technology to harness opportunities for operational agility and passenger satisfaction has been discussed. Interestingly, it points out that technology adoption should be carefully planned over prioritized areas and processes to enable a streamlined environment.

With many technologies available for today’s airports, it is important to select solutions that remain scalable and flexible to enable adaptability for both burgeoning passenger numbers and growing regulatory control. International Airport Review suggests that no single technology is available to meet all measurable requirements.

How then should airports be approaching their need for the implementation of technological solutions? Investment in airport systems and hardware can be an expensive undertaking and many airports, the article suggests, will look at each airport process individually and prioritize.

Creating a streamlined environment

At A-ICE, our experience tells us that a streamlined operational environment can also be created through integration of key technological solutions. Our airport solutions can handle individual environments such as security, baggage handling and reconciliation, passenger check-in and processing, queue management, weight and balance, resource management and many more behind-the-scenes operations.

Getting airport tech communicating

When airports select integrable solutions with cloud-based or dedicated hosting, these solutions begin communicating with each other to create a unique, streamlined platform that makes overall airport management faster and more efficient. A-ICE solutions deliver the chance to achieve operational agility without breaking the budget, through integration with existing operational systems and hardware.

Whether airports are looking to tackle wait times for passengers in the departures hall, make the baggage handling system fully compliant, streamline security or are looking further ahead to growing future flight traffic and how they will cope, our solutions are worth further thought.

Assessing interdependence and supporting disparate data

Taking the entire airport environment into account when planning infrastructure improvements is critical. Only when you’ve fully assessed the interdependence of your systems can you fully realise the potential of comprehensive integration. Supporting and utilizing data from multiple (and often disparate) sources is key to getting the most from any system.

Talk to A-ICE today about integrable solutions for your airport. We tailor our solutions for airports of all sizes to remain scalable and flexible to handle the challenges of today, while making sure you’re ready for tomorrow.


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