How Ground Handling Tech Gives Wings to Airport Management

Ground handlers all over the world are beginning to understand the benefits and value that ground handling technology and cloud services bring to airport management. It is becoming clearer that traditional on-premises software, manual processes and legacy systems and services have been slowing operations for years, and the way forward really does lie in technology.

How Ground Handling Tech Gives Wings to Airport Management A-ICE

Equally important to implementing technology is choosing the right solutions, however. As airport solutions providers, A-ICE understands that the real value and power of ground handling tech is in integrability, which is where it comes into its own and becomes a powerful part of the airport machine. Let’s look at some of the ways ground handling technology and solutions can give wings to airport management.

The traditional approach

Traditionally, FBOs have used many manual processes and the data sharing capability has been minimal through legacy systems. The flaws in these traditional on-site systems have become clearer over the past two years, where data sharing and real-time access to information have grown more important as mandatory regulations and travel guidelines have become more complex and changeable.

In addition, on-site server maintenance and updates typically slow operations, particularly when resources are tight and costs need to be micro-managed. While many ground handling teams still use legacy technology, the uptake of cloud-based and integrable solutions has soared recently as FBOs and airports strive to reduce the cost, share data and increase the efficiency of operations.

Why data sharing is important

The reliance on data sharing and analysis has become invaluable to airports and operators. Because demand is unpredictable, real-time analysis can help to streamline management in a number of ways, from handling additional paperwork and directing resources, to reconciling baggage and automating compliance.

The value and necessity of data sharing is not new news, with the introduction of IATA’s Resolution 753, for example, which made it mandatory for handlers to provide access to accurate, timely baggage reconciliation data for the purposes of interlining or for airport authorities.

Now, with additional passenger travel guidelines and paperwork, fewer resources on the ground, and ever-increasing mandatory requirements, passenger processing is in danger of becoming a long-winded process with inevitably longer ground delays possible. There has never been a better time to implement the right technologies to streamline processes and enable data sharing to simplify operational compliance.

Choosing the right ground handling tech

Ground handling technologies offer FBOs the flexibility they need to ensure operations are streamlined and data accessible, yet seamlessly secure. However, with a range of cloud-based options available, it is important to implement the right suite of solutions to suit the needs of the operator.

Integrability is a crucial element that can make a significant difference to operational agility. A handling database, for instance, when fully integrated with other airport technologies, can deliver complete visibility of all operations data throughout the ground process cycle, such as:

  • Flight status
  • Task status
  • Resource allocation
  • Apron view
  • Positioning
  • And more.

This type of visibility with cloud functionality offers an opportunity to centralize data, identify and proactively address potential delays or situations and monitor real-time flight, passenger, and cargo information.

When selecting the right technology for your operations, you will need to consider the long-term applications and cloud-based functionality cannot be overlooked. Resource management, compliance, passenger experience, and confidence can all be handled more efficiently with real-time data and nothing facilitates that more than the right technology.

Can A-ICE help you?

A-ICE knows how to give wings to airport management with technology. We understand the complexity of operations and how to create vital flexibility and scalability in all your management technology.

We work closely with our clients to develop a strategy for the implementation of integrable solutions that bring real value. Whether you need a single solution for baggage reconciliation, a Weight and Balance tool, or a complete suite of integrable ground handling tech, talk to us and let us help you make the right decisions.


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