How the Flight Information Display System Can Help Airports with Passenger Traffic Increases

With today’s flight passenger traffic increasing year-on-year, mandatory requirements and the demand for ever-better passenger experience, airport operators face challenges every day. The latest Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) can help airports and airlines to smooth passenger experience and increase operational efficiency when digital flight information signage remains constantly up-to-date and always-operational.

How Flight Information Display Systems Can Help Airports with Passenger Traffic Increases

Some industry experts foresee the airport as a place where people want to spend time relaxing before travelling, not just as a stressful, yet necessary travel hub. When surroundings are busy and unfamiliar to travellers, the flight information display system can offer reassurance and improve the entire passenger experience.

Using the latest solutions and technology, such as A-ICE’s A-FIDS, when combined with master systems integration and powerful applications, airports can utilize the power of FIDS to create a seamless passenger experience and increase airport efficiency.

Creating a seamless passenger experience

To create a seamless airport experience, keeping passengers informed at every level is critical. Information must be accurate and up-to-date, and displayed where passengers can see it straightaway to avoid congestion.

A-FIDS has in-built multi-lingual display technology, and integrable applications that can be utilized anywhere within the airport – displaying information on any screen – in any department.

Supporting external interfaces to web servers, A-FIDS can deliver pages to wherever they are needed in real time, placing the information directly in front of the passengers where and when they need to see it. This promotes passenger experience and can potentially reduce terminal congestion and simultaneously deliver opportunities to increase revenue.

Increase efficiency with the latest systems for flight information display

Flight Information Display System | Keeping passengers informed

With A-ICE applications integration benefits, A-FIDS processes flight information, delays and boarding information, baggage belt assignments and gate information automatically and has configurable displays for different locations within the terminals.

The A-FIDS flight information display system includes support for mobile and specialized devices and can be utilized for extended display purposes over clustered display monitors. With an extensive list of fully configurable flight information available, real-time and emergency override options and remote monitoring, maintenance and reporting features, the streamlined system helps to reduce airport congestion and increase efficiency.

Talk to A-ICE about A-FIDS and systems integration

A-ICE understands the mounting pressures and increasing challenges airports, airlines and ground handlers face every day in an industry that is accelerating. Our suite of aviation solutions is fully integrable and includes applications to give operational agility to every corner of the system, while ticking vital boxes for handling rising passenger numbers, security, compliance and passenger experience.

Our Flight Information Display Systems, Contracts and Billing software, Baggage Handling and Reconciliation, Message Distribution, Multimedia Information System, Airport Operational Database and more, work seamlessly together to enhance your operational management and increase visibility across your entire platform, whether you operate all our systems and applications or need a bespoke solution to integrate with current, existing systems or hardware.

Contact A-ICE today to talk about how A-FIDS can give you a scalable, state-of-the-art Flight Information Display System or visit the A-FIDS page now to find out more.


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