How Airports Prepare Now for the Operational Challenges of Winter

How Airports Prepare Now for the Operational Challenges of Winter

The world’s busiest airports never truly stop preparing for the challenges that the winter months bring. Ground Handling teams around the globe strive to ensure passenger and aircraft safety and must be ready to meet challenges head-on to keep airport operations running. With ground delays costing airlines millions of Euros every year, and global climate changes adding to the pressure, how airports address these challenges can make a huge difference.

When the public think about winter challenges, the first that will spring to mind is the weather – additional ice and snow on the runway. This is just the tip of the iceberg (so to speak), adding further pressure to make safe runways and remove ice from aircraft parts, keeping them moving. However, there are other operational challenges in this area alone, such as reduced daylight hours and increased fuel and energy consumption, additional (often considerable) resource requirements and more. Managing operations under difficult conditions becomes more challenging and ground handling teams are looking to the latest technology to help streamline and improve operational productivity.

Technology and solutions to streamline aircraft turnaround management

Traditional aircraft handling management is extremely manual, time-consuming and typically subject to human error. When teams are already under pressure, having systems in place that help automate some operational tasks, such as aircraft status reporting, for example, can simplify processes and relieve some of the pressure.

A-ICE understands that the focus on turnaround management visibility is key for ground handlers. Managing aircraft from block-on to block-off efficiently, and with full visibility in real-time throughout the ground process cycle, gives teams the opportunity to streamline ground operations, regardless of the seasonal challenges.

How A-HDB can help

A-ICE’s Handling Database (A-HDB) offers the answer to monitoring real-time operations. A-HDB acts as a central database, gathering real-time data automatically and producing several views and monitoring charts to give full visibility.

The A-HDB system operates with a web-based user interface, enabling access from any device and offering a simplicity-focussed approach to task management. Recently causing a stir at IGHC, A-HDB promises to deliver a user-friendly solution with intuitive functionality and reduced training time.

Resources management is critical during periods of heightened activity or challenging circumstances caused by seasonal weather changes. A-HDB can simplify resource management and increase flexibility to match SLAs, and, using smart technology, can recognise potential delays or problems and enable a swift, proactive response.

A-ICE has developed a range of solutions for Ground Handlers that ticks the boxes in terms of streamlining operations and enhancing productivity and efficiency. When solutions communicate and integrate, an environment can be created that helps teams to prepare for seasonal challenges. Talk to A-ICE today or visit the A-ICE Handling Database page now to find out more.


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