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Handling Database

A Handling Database is a critical technological solution in the aviation sector, designed to centralize and manage vast amounts of data related to ground handling operations at airports. This system plays a pivotal role in organizing, storing, and retrieving information necessary for the efficient handling of aircraft and passenger services on the ground. The database encompasses various modules to cover all aspects of ground operations, including but not limited to baggage handling, cargo services, ramp services, passenger boarding, and service level agreements.

Ground handling operations involve a complex array of tasks that are vital for the smooth functioning of airport activities and ensuring passenger and aircraft turnaround times are kept to a minimum. A Handling Database facilitates the coordination of these tasks by providing real-time access to critical information, thus enabling ground handlers and airport operators to make informed decisions swiftly. This includes the allocation of resources, monitoring of service delivery against operational targets, and compliance with safety and security regulations.

A-ICE’s Handling Database, known as A-HDB, offers a comprehensive solution for airports and ground handlers. It improves operational efficiency through optimized resource management and also enhances communication between different stakeholders by providing a unified platform for information exchange.

The A-HDB system supports various functionalities, including the creation and management of flight schedules, assignment of ground handling tasks, tracking of equipment and personnel, and reporting of incidents and irregularities. By automating these processes, A-HDB significantly reduces the potential for human error, ensures better compliance with operational standards, and enhances the overall quality of service delivered to airlines and passengers.

Explore how A-ICE’s Handling Database (A-HDB) can transform your ground handling operations for greater efficiency and reliability. Contact us today for more information and a demonstration.


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