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AHM560 Data Standards

AHM560 Data Standards, part of the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Airport Handling Manual (AHM), represent a comprehensive set of guidelines designed to standardize data exchange and communication in airport handling services. These standards are instrumental in harmonizing processes across various airport operations, including baggage handling, cargo, check-in, and other ground-handling activities.

The core of AHM560 Data Standards is to ensure consistency and efficiency in airport operations worldwide. By establishing common language and procedures for data communication, these standards significantly reduce the possibility of errors and miscommunications. This uniform approach is crucial in an industry where precision and accuracy directly impact safety and operational efficiency.

A-ICE’s suite of aviation solutions integrates standards such as AHM560, offering airports and airlines a seamless and compliant operational environment. Our software systems are built to align with these international guidelines, ensuring that data handling and communication processes meet global best practices. 

Adopting AHM560 Data Standards is pivotal for airports and airlines aiming to improve their service quality and operational reliability. These standards serve as a blueprint for achieving a high level of synchronization across various stakeholders in the airport handling chain. 

Enhance your airport operations with A-ICE’s solutions, fully compliant with AHM560 Data Standards. Contact us to learn how we can help streamline your data exchange processes and operational workflows.


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