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AHM Data (Airport Handling Manual Data)

AHM Data, or Airport Handling Manual Data, standardizes airport handling and management procedures. This comprehensive set of data, guidelines, and best practices is compiled in the IATA Airport Handling Manual (AHM), a globally recognized resource. It covers a broad spectrum of airport operations, including passenger services, baggage handling, cargo, and aircraft operations.

The essence of AHM Data lies in its role as a unifier of global airport handling procedures. By adhering to these standards, airports and airlines around the world can ensure consistency, safety, and efficiency in their operations. AHM Data covers a wide range of operational aspects, from technical specifications and safety guidelines to administrative and personnel management practices.

A-ICE’s suite of aviation software solutions is designed to comply with these standard practices. This ensures that clients using A-ICE solutions can confidently meet international standards, thus facilitating smoother, more reliable operations.

The implementation of AHM Data is crucial for airports looking to optimize their operations, enhance safety protocols, and improve overall service quality. It serves as a benchmark for best practices in the industry, helping to navigate the complex operational landscape of modern airports.

Streamline your airport operations with A-ICE’s solutions, designed in line with AHM Data standards. Contact us to learn how our software can transform your operational efficiency and compliance.


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