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Aft Limit

In aviation, the Aft Limit refers to the rearmost center of gravity (CG) location an aircraft can safely operate at for a given set of conditions. This particular boundary is determined by design and operational constraints to ensure the aircraft remains controllable and stable during all flight phases. An aircraft’s center of gravity has a significant influence on its performance, stability, and controllability.

The Aft Limit is one of the parameters in the weight and balance considerations of an aircraft, ensuring it does not surpass this point. If the center of gravity moves beyond the Aft Limit, it may adversely affect the aircraft’s stability, especially during critical phases of flight like takeoff or landing. Ensuring the CG remains forward of the Aft Limit prevents potential challenges in handling, especially in pitch control.

A-ICE offers comprehensive solutions to aviation professionals, aiding in the careful monitoring and management of aircraft weight and balance. Utilizing sophisticated systems to ensure that the center of gravity is always within prescribed limits, including the Aft Limit, A-ICE aids aviation operations in maintaining optimal safety and efficiency.

Precision in adhering to the Aft Limit and other weight and balance parameters is crucial for the safety and efficiency of flight operations. Modern aircraft, with their intricate designs and operational needs, require robust systems to support these determinations.

Safeguard your aviation operations with A-ICE’s advanced weight and balance solutions, ensuring every flight adheres to its prescribed Aft Limit and other crucial parameters. Connect with A-ICE today to explore our suite of aviation software offerings.


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