Global Airport Insights Predict Significant Growth for Ground Handling

Global Airport Insights Predict Significant Ground Handling Growth

According to a Global Market Insights report released earlier this year, the aircraft ground handling systems market is set to take off significantly over the next six years. These expectations in real money could equate to a rise from $130 billion (USD) last year to $190 billion by 2025.

The ground handling market can be affected by several factors from the weather to the implementation of smart, integrable solutions to streamline and automate processes. Airports around the world are adopting renewable energy systems and emerging technologies to address efficiency, reduce carbon footprints and strengthen passenger experience – and all these elements are helping to drive growth throughout the sector.

Using technology to harness opportunities for operational efficiency

Today’s airport ground handling department faces challenges not only within its operational capacity but also in terms of mandatory compliance and cost. As many ground handling teams are third-party providers, data collection, storage and transmission must be a seamlessly protected process and aircraft support, demand calculation, recording and contract management must be accurate and reliable.

Traditional ground handling processes require resource-heavy, time-consuming operation. Simply moving heavy snow from an airport has changed with the introduction of renewables, such as biogas snow-moving equipment which reduces fuel dependency and lowers carbon emissions to boot.

The increasing implementation of the latest technological innovations in the ground handling sector is enabling operational agility, increasing efficiency and helping ground teams to meet critical bottom-line budgeting while maintaining important mandatory compliance. With regulation on the rise in every sector, ground handling teams can benefit from smart, innovative technology solutions. The uptake in adoption of these solutions is playing a significant role in driving growth across the aviation industry as meeting complex regulations such as the recently-introduced (2018) IATA R753 for baggage tracking.

How A-ICE can help

With a range of integrable airport ground handling solutions, A-ICE is ideally positioned to deliver a comprehensive, uniquely tailored approach to your individual needs. From a complete Airport-in-Cloud solution to an integrable suite of ground handling innovations, we can offer a multi-lingual, regionally compliant version that both meets your current requirements, and remains scalable for future needs.

A-ICE ground handling solutions

The A-BRS solution is the answer to mandatory baggage reconciliation and helps airlines and ground handling teams to seamlessly track, record and reconcile every piece of luggage and cargo.

A-CBS is A-ICE’s contract management and billing system, designed to reduce the traditional complexity of accurate recording and billing of aeronautical fees. Using automation and integration, this smart solution can be fully configured for non-standard and variable contracts.

A-MDS messaging solution is a proven, in-place, secure system that delivers enhanced flexibility with integration with A-ODB, A-ICE’s operational database and airport sub-systems. A-MDS includes all communications protocols and exchange formatting functions.

A-ICE delivers cost-effective, high-value solutions for the airport ground handling market, developed using extensive aviation industry experience and ongoing investment in research and development. Harness the opportunities for growth in your airport ground handling service. Meet compliance, reduce costs and investment, simplify and streamline your operations with next-generation solutions from A-ICE. Talk to us today.


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