FIDS Airport Tech: Real-time crucial to post-pandemic increases

Keeping passengers reliably informed with FIDS airport tech throughout their journey has always been important. It maintains passenger flow and can help to reduce the stress that many feel in the airport environment. Today, it is more important than ever – and the more up-to-date, the better.

FIDS Real-time crucial to post-pandemic increases

Pre-pandemic surges in passenger demand fuelled the development of FIDS airport technology. As a result, airports were on the cusp of harnessing these powerful technologies to provide real-time information to further smooth passenger flow and processing. The stage was set to manage burgeoning numbers and capacity challenges and address compliance from the terminal to the apron.

As the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world, growth came to an abrupt halt, planes were grounded, and numbers fell sharply. Now that recovery is becoming more tangible with travel tentatively opening up again, passenger flow management in the face of additional processing is crucial. FIDS airport tech will offer airports the chance to ease the pressure.

We take a closer look at one of the most important technologies to help manage passenger flow. Find out how the development of FIDS can now be harnessed to meet the challenges posed by inevitable additional processing requirements head-on as we usher in a new era of travel.

The benefits of real-time FIDS airport tech

Today’s airport landscape needs to meet physical distancing and hygiene guidelines to protect passengers and staff and maintain trust in travel. Airport technologies are making it easier for airports to implement solutions and FIDS is on the frontline within this scope, now capable of providing much more than basic flight information.

FIDS with real-time capability offers airports the chance to deliver:

  • Enhanced passenger experience
  • Up-to-the-minute travel information
  • Emergency override messaging
  • Passenger flow management
  • Greater control over queues and occupancy
  • Health and safety announcements
  • Distancing reminders

Using screens and other signage at key points within the passenger journey helps to direct passengers to the right places at the right time. Smart technologies add a new layer of management opportunity – the real power behind the scenes.

How smart solutions work to manage flow

Smart airport solutions, when integrated with other key airport operational systems, can become a powerful tool to help manage passenger flow through the airport. They use real-time flight and ground information to monitor passenger movement, predict potential bottleneck areas and enabling staff to deliver a pro-active response.

The smart airport terminal can be viewed in the same way as a smart motorway. For example, where traffic is continually monitored and managed well in advance to avoid congestion at key entry points. The same principle applies in terms of the signage used to inform drivers of upcoming changes. Queue and occupancy or density management within the airport can be controlled by real-time FIDS updates at key points of the passenger journey.

Implementing the right FIDS airport technologies

Airports of all sizes can realize the benefits and harness the power of today’s FIDS airport tech. In fact, with regional airports gaining ground in terms of passenger numbers ahead of international hubs, some industry experts are concerned smaller airports still aren’t prepared for a surge in numbers.

Choosing the right technologies isn’t a straightforward process, however. Solutions need to be fully integrable to operate with real-time accuracy for passengers and flexibility is needed to enable sufficient flow management for operators.

A-ICE understands the importance of interoperability. Our solutions have been developed with integration in mind through a deep understanding of the complexities of the interlinked IT ecosystem. This means that new technologies can be adopted quickly and with minimum disruption, whether cloud-hosted or within a dedicated environment. Find out more about our FIDS airport technologies or download an overview. Understand how we can help you to streamline passenger flow management while meeting health guidelines and maintaining passenger experience. Talk to us, we’re different from other providers.


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