Creating Sustainability in Airports with Cloud Software Solutions

Creating Sustainability in Airports with Cloud Software Solutions

Increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact are key factors in the aviation industry’s drive for sustainability. Airports all over the world are taking sustainability more seriously than ever before in both business practices and across operations.

As the industry continues to boom, with expected passenger numbers rising year-on-year, reducing of the airport carbon footprint, energy waste and operational inefficiency is becoming increasingly important.

Where can sustainability be realised within airport operations?

Many areas of airport operations can be streamlined to become more energy-efficient with the use of the latest smart technology that gives insights into energy usage. This type of technology is used in domestic situations and is proven to help raise energy efficiency.

Modern technology also answers some of the challenges in airports of all sizes in terms of streamlining infrastructure to perform more efficiently. Traditional passenger processing areas, for example, require far more use of energy and resources. By using common use systems and processes and master integration, this has enhanced efficiency throughout passenger processing, and increased passenger experience, but energy usage, although reduced, still carries an impact.

Many industry professionals believe that the answer to true airport sustainability lies in even greater reliance on cloud software solutions.

How can cloud software solutions increase airport sustainability?

When airport systems become web-based, accessible via a hosted service, operational reliance on in-house resources and energy can be lowered with the reduction of dedicated on-site servers. In some cases, when master systems integration is implemented, these IT departments can be entirely negated, making a significant impact on energy consumption across the entire airport environment.

Master systems integration, according to many industry experts, is the way forward for global airports of any size and capacity. Systems and routine processes become automated, and real value is created in functionality too, as efficiency increases. Operators can achieve greater flexibility and, knowing that the vital boxes for compliance are already ticked, gain reassurance that they’re meeting their mandatory obligations.

How A-ICE can help

A-ICE is an airports industry leader in software and solutions that streamline the entire airport environment. With a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges of operational management and sustainability, A-ICE has developed a suite of fully-integrable airport tools to enhance efficiency in every department.

From booking to departure and everything in between, A-ICE is helping airports of all sizes around the world to meet compliance requirements, streamline operations, enhance passenger experience and address energy-reducing measures to achieve sustainability.

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