Can Your Departure Control System Handle Predicted Passenger Growth?

Can Your Departure Control System Handle Predicted Passenger Growth

The Airport Departure Control System (DCS) forms the backbone of handling operations, whether we’re talking about front-of-house in the terminals and at the gates or behind the scenes with the ground handling teams.

As passenger numbers are predicted to continue rising year-on-year at an average rage of around 6%, it won’t be long before the strain on the operational environment begins to lead to ground delays and significant impact on cost and passenger experience. Many airports are looking for ways to reinforce infrastructure and increase efficiency in new technologies and others are launching ground handling services of their own, some as third-party businesses.

Why scalability is important in the DCS

Handling teams need seamless access to vital information in a timely fashion to enable fast turnaround and smooth, efficient operation. With security and compliance also high priorities, many operators are asking whether their current DCS is not only robust enough, but also whether it is capable of enhancing operational performance as traffic numbers rise.

Predicted passenger growth is significant and it won’t stop there but will continue to rise. Along with passenger growth will come increased regulatory conditions and inevitably, passenger expectation too.

The DCS holds the keys to passenger and aircraft movement and must remain seamlessly secure and operational to ensure that flight operations run as they should. Scalability and flexibility are core requirements in today’s constantly changing operational environment and the DCS should be no different so that it can adapt to the airport as it grows in infrastructure and capacity.

How can A-DCS help?

A-DCS is the powerful solution developed by A-ICE to help manage all types of flights and covering all aspects of passenger, baggage and aircraft handling processes. Designed specifically for airport authorities and handling companies, A-DCS offers a fully integrable, comprehensive Departure Control System that has been developed with scalability and ease of use in mind.

A-DCS is a powerful stand-alone solution that is compatible for integration with all airlines and all aircraft types. When combined with other A-ICE applications, such as A-HDB, the secure ground handling database and A-BRS, the fully-compliant baggage reconciliation and tracking system, A-DCS offers a robust, secure and compliant solution to handle the challenges of today and those of tomorrow.

Through continuous research and development, A-ICE ensure a uniquely scalable airport operational environment that won’t require heavy infrastructural investment or a long contractual commitment to implement. Talk to A-ICE today to find out more.


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