Automate Weight and Balance to Simplify Pre-Flight Planning

Pre-flight planning is a complex process, consisting of many different parts and various teams. An important aspect of planning is ensuring accurate Weight and Balance for the safety and stability of the flight. This is because an imbalanced load can lead to an array of problems and in the worst cases, prevent the aircraft from leaving the ground.

Automating many of the traditionally manual Weight and Balance calculations is just one way to simplify pre-flight planning and tighten up operations.

Automate Weight and Balance Pre-Flight Planning A-ICE Airport Operations

About Weight and Balance calculations

It is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure Weight and Balance and all other pre-flight information is accurate and within key parameters. This is often discussed and determined during pre-flight planning meetings, where calculations relating to passengers, crew and cargo are also checked by the flight crew.

Basic Empty Weight (BEW) calculations are combined with flight and cabin crew weight to find the Operating Empty Weight (OEW). All aircraft types carry a Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) and the difference between the two weights gives the pilot and flight crew their window to fill with fuel, passengers and cargo.

With other factors to consider for fuel weight, such as weather conditions, route and wind speeds, automating key calculations in accordance with Weight and Balance guidelines can ensure comprehensive accuracy and increased efficiency.

How to automate calculations in the cloud

This is where the latest aviation technologies come into their own, particularly when integrated with key airport systems which help to deliver the most up-to-date data available.

There are several options for automating key pre-flight calculations and it is important that decision-makers understand the difference when selecting the right suite of solutions for managing them. The key to successfully updating processes truly lies in the integrability of the technologies; how they communicate, gather, store and share data.

Integration is key to simplifying all your pre-flight checks

Accuracy of these vital pre-flight calculations relies heavily on the accuracy of the data. This is why the availability and accessibility to information are crucial, and why cloud-based operations are gaining ground all over the world. Integration of key airport systems, enabling them to ‘talk’ to each other is where the power of cloud-based technologies really lies.

A modern Weight and Balance tool, when fully integrated and secure, can offer full load control and balancing for passenger, mail and cargo flights, performing these calculations according to up-to-date flight and external influencing factors. They are also capable of making realistic, timely changes should the necessity arise, or last-minute disruptions occur.

Can A-ICE help you?

A-ICE understands the complexities of pre-flight planning and works with aviation businesses all over the world to implement the right technologies to streamline and improve operations. Whether you are an airline, authority, cargo or ground handling team decision-maker, talk to us and let us guide you through.


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