Airport Technology: where will you invest in 2020?

Airport Technology where will you invest in 2020

The future of airports is being driven and shaped by technology and the latest digital solutions, designed to improve not only the passenger experience but operational productivity across the entire environment.

Across the world, operators of airports of all sizes are looking to technology to strengthen the visibility of the operational landscape. With challenges being faced every day and the promise of burgeoning passenger numbers on the horizon, it is becoming increasingly important to enable solutions that help airports handle rises in capacity.

Transforming the passenger experience

From check in to boarding and everything else in between, today’s passengers have high expectations for a trouble-free journey. Current security processes around the world still involve passengers showing identification and boarding passes at several points in the journey through the airport terminals.

Some of the latest emerging technologies are demonstrating that future airports will be able to create a single token journey using solutions such as facial recognition technology and biometric data. Adopting systems and solutions now that will remain flexible, scalable and adaptable to new technologies as they emerge is a key part of increasing the ability to cope with growing capacity requirements and transforming the passenger experience.

Meeting compliance with airport technology and integration

One of the core requirements and the biggest challenges faced by airports of all sizes all over the world is compliance. Whether local, regional, national or international, compliance requirements in the aviation industry are widespread and numerous – and consistently changing.

Meeting compliance can be challenging and time-consuming, and for smaller airports, resource-heavy and expensive. By introducing automation to routine airport processes, operators, airlines and ground handlers can achieve seamless compliance and tick these vital boxes through technology and integration.

When systems and technologies can communicate and share data and resources securely, a streamlined, simplified approach can be achieved across several processes. Some of the latest airport technology offers the opportunity to create a single operational platform from which the entire working environment can be managed. This delivers an enhanced view that can give operators complete visibility and enable better resource management, improved efficiency and automatic compliance.

How A-ICE can help

A-ICE works closely with airports of all sizes to create a unique operational environment using the latest, fully integrable solutions. With ongoing investment in development, we ensure our solutions are ready to handle the challenges of today, while ensuring scalability for those of tomorrow.

Ensuring preparedness for current and predicted capacity challenges is high on the priority list for airports all over the world. Let A-ICE guide you through. Our solutions are designed to streamline, simplify and automate your airport operations to help achieve compliance and increase passenger satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for a solution to a single issue, such as meeting R753 compliance or tackling waiting times in your departure hall, or whether you’re seeking a comprehensive airport management system with cloud hosting, talk to us.

A-ICE is different from other service providers. Our solutions don’t require a long contract that ties you in for years. We have no minimum contracts and operate a Pay-as-You-Go billing system. Talk to A-ICE about your airport technology and let us help you decide where to invest next year.


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