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A-ICE Smart Booking System

A-SBS (Smart Booking System) is a simple and intuitive system that allows even not experienced users to be operational in a short time.




A-SBS (Smart Booking System) is a simple and intuitive system that allows even not experienced users to be operational in a short time.
Click&Go! Reservations are made through a single, user friendly interface, making the reservation process simple, fast and intuitive to the end user, to the travel agencies and to the Call Center sales agents.
Few steps to perform multiple tasks (reservation, administration, vouchers, reports).


A-SBS automatizes the main business processes such as administrative efficiency, reporting and statistical analysis to the management control by providing a set of powerful tools which integrate in the customer’s organization and infrastructure.


The application is configured to support multiple languages (English, Italian, Spanish), with the possibility to add further languages with personalized dictionaries.


An SSL certificate protects all communications with 128-bit key (https).The functions of the reserved area are accessible by User Id and password, both provided to individual users together with their profile.



A-SBS can be used in any workstation provided with Internet connectivity (Personal Computer, laptop, PDA).


A-SBS interacts with the accounting software already in use in the company and common third party payment systems (Zucchetti, Navision, Factoring, POS Credit Card, etc.).


Ability to add modules according to specific customer requirements, including new functionalities required by the market and its evolution.


A-SBS is developed with modern technologies to offer a wide range of advanced functions for the automation of procedures, the analysis of the market and the increase of performance.


Booking online B2B and B2C

A-SBS provides an “online shop” where final customers and travel agencies can directly purchase flights using their credit card through a secure and quick process. Reservations can be made directly on an internal inventory.

Internal Booking Engine (IBE)

IBE is an internal inventory, originally created for the aviation industry and for airline tickets sale, now suitable also for other related services like tour packages, hotels, taxi, carparks, museums, car rental, insurance, shuttle bus and others.

Web News

Single commercial offers, advertising banners and news can be inserted and updated directly by the administrators themselves through a simple and intuitive CMS.

Back office

With this module, bookings are immediately made available to the back office by creating automatically a file containing rates, commission calculation, fees calculation, and printing of receipts.


It allows sending a newsletter to the addresses stored in the A-SBS database (agencies, clients, subscribers to the newsletter from the website).

Report & Analysis

It is aflexible module that adapts to the user profiles in the company, such as booking operators, sales agents, accounting operators or otherwise new customized profiles.The system offers a variety of advanced reports to gage the trend of each specific field of compe- tence in terms of turnover, productivity and income forecast.


Module based on two functions for the reporting to customers and suppliers:“Monthly statement” and “Ticket Sales Report”.


It allows management and viewing of statements issued monthly or individually to the agencies/customers who use reservation services via A-SBS.

Ticket Sales

It allows the display and printing of all the issued or canceled tickets/ voucher. For each reservation the amount, the applicable fare, taxes, commissions and net rate are shown.

Payment Systems

Integrated with external payment systems such as Travel factoring and credit card. It also includes the “prepaid account” module that allows guaranteed purchase to the agencies with credit limits.

Fares Engine

It manages with promptness and flexibility the reservation rates taking into account personalized rates and class segmentation. Different types of fares – such as one-way, round-trip, add-on as well as special offers and discounts – can be managed. Updates are accessible by customers and operators in real time.


For each single scheduled flight , seats can be reserved per class of reservation to agencies and tour operators, and “empty/full” contracts are managed with rates per line/destination/season. Fuel surcharge files and currency rate are automatically created.

Export to Accounting

A-SBS includes a module for exporting the accounting and financial data as well as customer master to the general accounting system in use in the company (eg, Zucchetti Ad Hoc, Microsoft Navision).

Web Service Booking Connector (WSBC)

A-SBS offers a module for OLTAs to search the availability of flights directly on their website and book from the internal inventory (IBE). The service uses the XML standard.