30 November 2016


Multimedia Information System

A-MIS, manages all communication channels through a single and user friendly web control panel and dynamically show the relevant information.

A-MIS manages data and content of any type, to provide hi-quality information and services. The system employs an intelligent and sophisticated way to communicate with people and operators, using a single web direction for all the systems in use.


  • Centralized management of all existing communication channels through a single user friendly web control panel
  • User configurable displays for different departments and locations
  • Clustered monitors for extended displays
  • Emergency override message displays
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance
  • Free text display pages
  • Timed sequencing for rolling displays
  • Multi-function system:
    • Personalizing and geo-locating information
    • Next generation Digital Signage
    • Services Manager System
  • Organizational support for decision makers
  • Strategic support to reduce costs (rationalization of information points) and improve business (services)
  • Modular implementation ensuring further development


  • Full integration with existing systems and technologies
  • Delivery of combined and complex information (operational, business, security, handicap support, etc.) managed by a single web position which allows to run complete automatic processes and geo-referencing information (type of information for defined locations)
  • Communication via any type of information device (PC, monitor, mobile phone, palmtop, totem, etc.)
  • Automatic Administrative Activities (billing, statistics, reports, etc.) and Data Analysis
  • Development plan techniques and coordination of personalized advertising campaigns
  • Special assistance audio/video dedicated to handicapped passengers
  • Strategic support for security and emergency plans