30 November 2016


A-ICE Message Distribution System

A-MDS provides immediate message traffic routing between A-ODB, Airport Sub-systems with end-to-end monitoring and management, Airline complete messaging treatment on any message transport system.

A-ICE Message Distribution System is an easy, secure, and flexible way to integrate applications with the A-ODB. It provides all communication protocol features and message-formatting functions needed for exchanging data. When installed acts as a special “administrator” that sends and receives Type B messages.

A proven, in-place system, A-MDS serves to bridge A-ODB and Airport sub-systems with the user community, and saves the effort of integrating dedicated communications protocols into applications. Its architecture makes it easy to deploy also on third party existing application servers.

A-MDS provides also advanced messaging features that include built-in queue management, format checking, and Type B message formulation.

A-ICE’s continuous improvements guarantees a state-of-the-art solution that will grow with you as the industry evolves.