A-ICE to Unlock Operational Efficiency with Innovative Solutions at PTE 2019 Debut

A-ICE to Unlock Operational Efficiency with Innovative Solutions at PTE 2019 Debut

A-ICE will be at The Passenger Terminal EXPO (PTE) later this month, showcasing its advanced software products and demonstrating how airports and airlines can streamline systems to enhance operational efficiency.

A-ICE, Rome-based leading aviation IT innovator, provides airport operators, airlines and ground-handlers with the support, tools and solutions that streamline and simplify critical systems and processes through automation, and realise powerful management functionality via seamless master systems integration.

PTE 2019 is held this year at London’s ExCel, and offers attendees a not-to-be-missed opportunity for airport and airline operators and ground handling professionals to network and debate the most current issues facing the industry. More than 7,350 attendees from over 100 countries will come together to find out more about how exhibitors and industry experts can help to meet the rising challenges, compliance requirements and passenger satisfaction with the latest technology and innovations.

A-ICE to Unlock Operational Efficiency with Innovative Solutions at PTE 2019 Debut

Come and see A-ICE at PTE stand 2108 on 26-28th March 2019. Making our debut at the event, we will demonstrate how enhanced operational functionality and efficiency can be achieved in airports of all sizes with our products:

A-FIDS: Flight Information Display System

This scalable flight display information system with multiple language support ensures that all relevant information appears in the right places at the right time. A-FIDS can be integrated and configured with the central database and supports an external interface to allow fast delivery of data within pages that can be displayed anywhere within the terminal.

A-MIS: Multimedia Information System

Manage data and content of any kind with this centralized, web-based communications system. Easy-to-use, A-MIS has highly-user-configurable displays for use in different departments and locations and is fully-integrable with existing systems and current technologies in place, reducing the need for further hardware investment. The system handles administrative activities automatically and can become a useful tool for development planning.

A-BRS: Baggage Reconciliation System

Automated baggage tracking and reconciliation is currently big news for airlines and airports, following new IATA regulations for mandatory baggage tracking requirements. (IATA R753).

A-BRS offers a solution that helps operators meet full compliance, strengthens passenger experience and reinforces baggage handling systems and protocols. Fully-integrable with both new and existing systems and technologies, A-BRS keeps track of every movement of every piece of luggage and container in the entire system.

A-CBS: Contract and Billing

A-ICE’s A-CBS offers airport management a complete, IATA-compliant contract and billing package that is fully integrable with A-ODB and uses real-time flight details to provide accurate, automated data collection and reporting functionality.

Fully customizable and integrable, and IATA SGHA-compliant A-CBS is a complete solution.

A-VMS and A-FUEL: Vehicle Maintenance and Fuelling Management

Vehicle maintenance and fuelling management is a critical part of airport ground handling operations. Enhance, streamline and automate key processes with a fully-integrable solution.

A-DCS: Departure Control System

A-DCS Departure Control System has comprehensive functionality to streamline all aspects of passenger, baggage and aircraft handling and monitoring. Designed for ground handling companies and airport authorities, A-DCS offers benefits in every operational system.

A-WBS: Weight and Balance

A-ICE’s solution for weight and balance delivers comprehensive load control and balance functionality for both passenger and cargo flights and is compatible with any aircraft type. A completely flexible and scalable solution, A-WBS promises to evolve with both the airport and the aviation industry.

A-ICE to Unlock Operational Efficiency with Innovative Solutions at PTE 2019 Debut

About A-ICE

A-ICE understands the mounting pressure airport and airline operators face in today’s aviation industry. With passenger expectation rising along with flight passenger numbers and mandatory requirements year-on-year, having the right technology and systems in place is crucial to creating a seamless airport experience.

Our fully integrable solutions are built-for-purpose to meet the rising demands and challenges. Built on a combination of engineering expertise and a deep understanding of the aviation industry, A-ICE is perfectly positioned to deliver operators the opportunities to boost operational efficiency and simultaneously ticking a crucial box in enhancing passenger experience.

In addition to our commercial aviation products, A-ICE will also be showcasing its intelligent decision-making software tool that streamlines the planning of military logistics missions. Collaborative Logistics Optimization System (CLOS) uses intelligent, machine learning and a sophisticated algorithm to calculate and optimize plans and has real-time functionality for last-minute changes. CLOS is tackling the future challenges of modern warfare – today.


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