A-ICE Success at the 21st Annual GHI Conference

A-ICE Success at the 21st Annual Ground Handling Conference Airport Operations

A-ICE enjoyed a successful showcase at the 21st Ground Handling International (GHI) Conference held in Amsterdam earlier this month, coming away with interesting new leads and great feedback for both the Ground Handling solutions we offer and the dedicated R753 material to help airlines meet industry compliance for baggage tracking.

The team made the most of the excellent networking opportunities the GHI Conference and Exhibition offers every year and made several appointments using the one-to-one meetings feature, which proved beneficial, giving us the chance to spend valuable, individual time with both existing and potential new clients.

Uniquely flexible solutions to unlock vital operational efficiency

A-ICE Success at the 21st Annual Ground Handling Conference Airport Operations

A-ICE’s Ground Handling solutions can help streamline and unlock vital operational efficiency for airlines and ground handling teams, some of whom surprisingly still rely heavily on paper recording systems and processes.

A-ICE is different from other service providers. Our uniquely flexible solutions offer clients the opportunity to integrate specific features that will give operational agility to existing systems, unlike any other provider. With a ‘no minimum usage’ policy, A-ICE’s ‘pay-as-you-go’ flexibility delivers the chance to integrate dedicated solutions without making a major, long-term contractual investment, typical of other large providers.

A last word from A-ICE

A-ICE Success at the 21st Annual Ground Handling Conference Airport Operations

The GHI conference always offers great networking opportunities and we enjoy spending this dedicated time with our existing and potential clients and our peers in the industry. This year, there was much to discuss about IATA R753, and it was interesting to discover the thoughts of both airlines and ground handlers in terms of compliance responsibility. The consensus still circles around the complications of achieving compliance at an infrastructural level and this particular area is subject to continued debate.

Marked interest circulated around our powerful ground handling database solution, A-HDB, which can help to strengthen processes surrounding aircraft turnaround and monitoring using a range of handheld devices. Automation is still high on the priority list in this area, as handlers strive for enhanced efficiency in both cargo (which is receiving growing interest) and passenger services – and compliance.

These events provide must-attend opportunities for the industry and we look forward to participating further as we investigate other GHIC regions. We’d like to thank all who visited us at our stand this year in Amsterdam. We appreciated your interest and feedback and we look forward to seeing you at the next event.


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