20 July 2020

A-SPS: A-ICE Smart Proximity Solution

An innovative turnkey solution for low-contact airport journeys. Our approach to safety in airports.

A-SPS: A-ICE Smart Proximity Solution

Managing the impact of COVID-19 has unquestionably become the aviation industry’s key priority. Airport operators and airlines today face urgent questions over how they will adapt their systems and processes to provide passengers with a safe, controlled environment where they feel more confident to travel again.

At A-ICE, we believe answers can be found through the application of smart technologies and innovative thinking. These qualities are bound together in our new Smart Proximity Solution, which has been designed to facilitate a seamless socially-distanced journey for passengers as they pass through the airport.

How the Smart Proximity Solution works

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A Secure Five-step Passenger Journey

The Smart Proximity Solution takes the complete passenger journey into consideration, from before they leave home to the point when they board the aircraft. It integrates a range of technologies that, together, provide a unified process for identifying, monitoring and communicating with passengers as they transition through the terminal.

1. Registration

Registration stage (Smart proximity airport operation solution)

Passengers receive an invitation from the airport or airline to enrol on the system prior to their scheduled journey, prompting them to capture and upload a picture of their face wearing a mask.

2. Testing

Testing stage (Smart proximity airport operation solution)

On arrival at the airport, passengers are tested to make sure they do not have the infection using a simple blow test. A negative result verifies that the passenger is healthy to travel, and they are allocated a personal QR code. Using this and their pre-enrolled facial image, healthy passengers then pass through the sanitization booth to remove any risk of transmission via luggage or clothing.

3. Identification

Identification stage (Smart proximity for airport operation solutions)

Once inside the terminal, facial images are captured, including pictures where masks are worn. At this point, the passenger also retrieves their A-ICE Smart Proximity bracelet, which vibrates and sounds a warning signal to the wearer and those nearby when social distancing rules are not being observed.

4. Check-in

Check-in stage (Smart proximity solution for airport operations)

With a combination of online check-in, self-service baggage drop and biometric e-gates, passengers can move through the terminal to the gate without making direct contact with staff or surfaces.

5. Departure

Departure stage (Smart proximity airport operation solution)

The Smart Proximity Bracelet supports social distancing among airside passengers. In can be used in conjunction with CCTV data feeds, which can also be fed into the A-ICE Smart Proximity Solution. When it’s time to board, passengers hand their Smart Proximity bracelet to airline staff.

Designed with integration in mind

As experienced systems integrators and specialists in the aviation sector, we have a deep understanding of the complex, interlinked IT ecosystem needed to support efficient operations for both airlines and airport operators. We also recognise the need for new solutions, such as Smart Proximity, to dovetail into existing systems quickly and with minimum disruption.

With this in mind, we have developed the Smart Proximity Solution on universal communication standards to optimise compatibility with legacy software and hardware, and provide the smoothest possible integration path.

It can also be deployed on a modular basis, enabling system architects to add or strengthen specific capabilities while retaining the benefits of existing platforms.

Take a closer look at Smart Proximity

Get in touch for more information about our innovative Smart Proximity Solution and to understand more about how it can be used to bring integrated COVID-19 resilience to your systems and airport setting.


A-ICE Smart Proximity Solution (A-SPS) System Product Overview

A-SPS: Smart Proximity Solution – Product Sheet

With COVID-19 presenting a sustained risk for travellers and airport staff, A-ICE has developed the Smart Proximity Solution (A-SPS) to provide airport operators with an integrated approach to supporting low-contact passenger journeys and social distancing through the airport terminal.

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