A-ICE Showcases Innovative Airport Solutions at Saudi Airport Exhibition 2023 in Riyadh

A-ICE is excitedly preparing for our participation in the Saudi Airport Exhibition 2023 (SAE23), the largest dedicated airport event in Saudi Arabia. Scheduled for December 19-20 at the Riyadh International Convention Centre, SAE23 promises to be a groundbreaking event focusing on the massive expansion and modernization of airports in the Kingdom.

A-ICE at Saudi Airport Exhibition 2023 - Innovative Aviation Solutions

A Glimpse of What Awaits in Riyadh

SAE23 is set to be a pivotal convergence of the global aviation community, with over 600 delegates and 250 exhibitors from 50 countries. The event offers a unique platform for attendees to network with industry leaders, explore the latest innovations, and build partnerships that shape the future of aviation. A-ICE is excited to contribute to discussions on airport expansion, innovation, and collaboration – key themes of the exhibition.

A-ICE’s Commitment to Airport Innovation

As a regular contributor to international aviation events, A-ICE brings its wealth of experience and a suite of cutting-edge airport solutions to Riyadh. Last year, A-ICE’s technologies like the A-BRS (Baggage Reconciliation System) and A-WBS (Weight and Balance System) garnered significant attention for their impact on enhancing airport operations. This year, A-ICE is set to spotlight its comprehensive solutions that streamline airport processes, from passenger handling to baggage management.

What’s Next for A-ICE at SAE23

Visitors to A-ICE’s booth can expect live demonstrations of flagship products, including the Airport in Cloud (AiC) platform and the Handling Database (A-HDB) system. These solutions are designed to enhance operational efficiency and passenger experience in the rapidly evolving airport environment.

Connecting at SAE23

As the Saudi aviation sector embarks on a transformative journey, A-ICE is ready to showcase its expertise in supporting this evolution. “We’re excited to engage with industry peers and potential clients at SAE23. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate how our solutions align with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious aviation goals,” said Carlos Fernandes, UK Sales Manager at A-ICE..

A-ICE invites attendees to visit Stand 1030 (Italy Pavilion) to explore how our innovative solutions can support the Saudi aviation strategy and contribute to the industry’s growth and diversification.

With over 25 years of experience, A-ICE prides itself on delivering efficient, customer-centric solutions that meet the unique needs of the aviation industry.

For more information or to schedule a meeting at SAE23, please contact us.


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