A-ICE Launch CLOS Website for Military Planning Optimization

A-ICE Launch CLOS Website for Military Planning Optimization

A-ICE is pleased to announce the launch of the dedicated website for our revolutionary Collaborative Logistics Optimization System (CLOS), the military logistics sector’s answer to intelligent planning. You can also find out more about CLOS right here on our website on our new CLOS page.

This follows the recent support for CLOS at its first unveiling at last years’ NATO TIDE Sprint, where CLOS was well received by participants inside both military and industrial logistics tracks, due in part to the enhanced decision-making and multi-location operability capabilities.

About A-ICE’s CLOS Military Logistics Solution

The introduction of CLOS by A-ICE at TIDE SPRINT 2018 highlighted the readiness of our ability to develop real solutions that can make a difference. Designed in collaboration with the Italian Air Force, CLOS helps to address the real challenges and complexities of logistics optimization in a world of warfare that is changing rapidly.

CLOS forms a secure planning platform for military logistics that can streamline processes through automation and Machine Learning algorithms to strengthen military preparedness at all levels. When transportation capacity is optimized, logistics teams can maximize resources and minimize costs.

The real-time benefits created with intelligent systems are clear. When predictive analysis is added to these benefits, then last-minute changes and adaptations to the mission can be executed with advance readiness and efficiency increased significantly. All these benefits help meet the future, expected challenges to military logistics while remaining scalable and flexible.

When it comes to military logistics planning, with the inexhaustive list of critical factors that must be considered at every level, the key to bringing full alignment lies in intelligent automation and optimization. CLOS can enhance your decision-making and accelerate your approach to deliver the optimal mission plan.

Visit the CLOS page now for further product information or visit the dedicated CLOS website to find out more about mission-critical logistics optimization.


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